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    So, we all know this game is the best in the series, and that it is damn near perfect. But everything has flaws, and everything can be improved. So what are some issues with Link to the Past?

    1. While the game does encourage a sense of exploration, much of what you discover becomes pointless on a second play through. There are caves and holes with nothing better in them than a few rupees or some health. (Although it could be argued that discovery is only fun if exploration sometimes fails to produce anything interesting.)

    2. The fairy pools are useless. (See point 1.) Aside from the two who upgrade your items for you, all they do is restore your health. I never really find that I need more health than can be found under bushes and such.

    3. The invisibility cloak and the blue cane are pretty much identical, and they both use up MP so fast that they're almost useless.

    4. The Skull dungeon (Dark world, 3rd crystal) is one giant "fuck you" to the player. Some parts of it are actually really interesting and well designed, like the fact that it has numerous entrances, or the fact that the final enemy in the dungeon is in a completely separate area. But the constant stream of wallmasters is frustrating. And, worse yet, huge portions of the dungeon have no purpose whatsoever. They're just there to waste your time. If you know what you're doing, you can skip 50% of the dungeon.

    5. The dash function is so integral to the experience of the game, that on any replay, it's incredibly frustrating to not have them prior to finishing the first dungeon.

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    I loved LttP. The textures, the feel, the level design, fantastic. Not my favourite Zelda title, though.

    Some related flaws:
    Sometimes the exploration felt too random. Sure, sometimes there was a huge arrow made of bushes, or a hint from the fortune teller. But sometimes it seemed a little arbitrary. I'm not into luck and chance, and when I find something in a game I want to go "Ohhh, yeah that DOES make sense!" I can't think of an exact example (it's a big game) but I'm sure there were moments in the dungeons and the overworld where I was going through items seemingly at random until I used the right one.

    Not enougn backstory. The atmoshperes of the different areas is cool, but in later Zelda games there was a sense that each section had a place within the story. The sheikah in Kakariko Village, the history of the Royal Family, their connection with the Zoras etc etc. LttP could have had more of that. Instead it was 'here's a world with a bunch of stuff in it, go nuts but don't ask us why, we don't know'.

    Oh, fuck the Skull dungeon. I was spared the wallmasters because of the emulator's freeze function (meh heh heh) but getting lost in repetitive sections is never an engaging experience.

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    And here it only took about a year. x'D

    Regarding your first point, I'd be curious if you can think of any examples. I don't recall getting really stuck anywhere on my first playthrough, but at this point I've played the game so many times that I don't know if I can even judge that objectively.

    Regarding backstory, I completely disagree. The increased amount of story is one of the primary reasons I can't stand the Zelda series anymore. I play games to play games, not to experience stories.

    But yeah, fuck the skull dungeon.

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    I guess the backstory's a taste thing. Long cutscenes are annoying, but a sense of a deeper world is all in for me. I guess you'd not be a fan of Elder Scrolls, then?

    I really can't think of an example right now. If I can't think of one within a week, I'll file it in the distorted memories box and we can write it off as being not true.

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    Well now you're just being silly. The Dark World is colorful, it's got a rockin' soundtrack, interesting enemies, and the way that it connects to the light world is one of the really standout features of the game.

    That said, it could probably use a few more NPCs, and some puzzles that don't relate to traveling to the Light World.

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    I did find the dark world a little tedious after a while. The soundtrack is tres cool, I'll give it that, but the drab colour scheme was only good in short doses. I get that it HAS to have a drab colour scheme, because hey, it's the dark world. So I don't know what the solution to that would be. Maybe a few sections with the traditional 'evil colours' of dark purple and red? A few more NPCs might indeed have hepled, and independant puzzles. I'd also have liked to see them make a little more out of Kakariko village in the dark world, maybe some basements or smething lurking in the ruins.

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    Kakariko was pretty barren. I figure that's probably where it could use the most NPCs. Maybe some talkative ghosts.

    Once you get to know it pretty well, it does become clear that the majority of interesting overworld stuff was put in the light world. Even when there is interesting stuff in the dark world. it usually revolves around going back to the light world to access something cool there.