Typing: Whats your speed?

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    We're at a forum, right...? Okay, so I want to know how fast the majority of us type. I, for one, am an excelent typer... at least I think. You see, in my Keyboarding Application class (Which is for people who have passed keyboarding) I am either the first or second best typer in the class. It's either I'm good, or they suck... really bad. But, I want to know how y'all feel about typing and what "grinds your gears" about it.

    My Keyboarding Application class does not let us use internet, however, there is only one sit where we can explore.


    It's childish, in my opinion, but it was entertaining the first time I played them, but got bored with them through the class period. This site has lessons, games, and tests. I wouldn't join, if I were you. It's a waste of time. Feel free to post any scores you may have got. If your lucky, I might post some.

    EDIT: On the one with the missles 'n stuff... on my first try, I got to level 14, intermediate, and set number ten with a score of 69,100. I could have done better, but I'm sick...

    Critical Edit!: We also have a typing arcade game =p

  • I don't like typing tests either. I know that I type about 57 words per minute though.

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  • 48 words typed on a test with 4 errors... I type at 28 words per minute, but I type faster when I know exactly what I am thinking, and not reading off of. It's been proven. And I'm uncomfortable when typing with my fingers on asdf jkl; so I type with my index fingers or sometimes my middle finer and thumb (thumb on the space bar most of the time).