Legend of Zelda - Link's Awakening Remastered

  • Hello everyone. I am The Great Sage, Leader and Founder of The Seven Sages... Webmaster and Creator of Guardian Sages, Where Knowledge Is Born... Let's get down to business, shall we??

    As we count down the days until Link's Awakening Remastered releases for the Nintendo Switch, we have seen some good things that await us in the game. First and foremost... In case if no one remembers or saw, Link's Awakening will be making its way into everyone's Nintendo Switch on September 20th, 2019. I know I'm personally going to be in line to get my game when it releases. But, what can we expect to see in this new Remastered version of our Game Boy Classic?? What have they added into this Remaster that's going to give us an edge to play more?? Let's take a look...

    When Link's Awakening first it the Game Boy scene on June 6th, 1993, we got to see our famed protagonist sailing along the seas in search of his next adventure. Some say that this possibly has ties to Wind Waker, but we won't talk about that for now. I will address that on a later thread. As he sailed along the seas, a deadly storm shook Link's raft to pieces. As he drifted through the endless sea, he was finally washed up upon the shores of Koholint Island. There, we meet many new faces such as: Marin, Tarin, Ulrira, Dr. Wright, a few Mario characters (Chain Chomp, Goombas, Wart), and many more. Link ventures around Koholint Island, collecting the 8 Siren Instruments for one main goal... To awaken the Legendary Wind Fish, with the Ballad of the Wind Fish. Along the way, Link finds out that this entire island is nothing more than a dream, being dreamt by the Wind Fish. Soon after Link defeats the final Nightmare, he was greeted by the Owl that guided him around Koholint Island. The Wind Fish awakens and thanked Link for waking him up. Then, the Wind Fish tells Link that it's time for him to wake up himself. Suddenly, you find out that you've been drifting on a piece of wood from your raft. You see the Wind Fish fly by. And, if you got the secret ending (by completing the entire game without dying once), you get to see Marin fly away via seagull.

    Now, what was added in this game?? We already know that the DX Version gave us the Red/Blue Color Dungeon. When you complete the dungeon, you got the chance to choose what you wanted as a permanent upgrade: Sword or Shield. However, there's much more that's coming September 20th. They are adding a much more interactive Map of Koholint Island. This map will show previous places of where you have been, who you talked to, where you found sea shells, where you found heart pieces, and more. I'm willing to bet that you're able to make mental notes on the map, to help you remember certain sequences. But that's not one of the best parts of the newest additions. Series producer, Eiji Aonuma, also confirmed that Nintendo is working with Grezzo, the company that's Co-Developing Link's Awakening. Grezzo was the company that Co-Developed the ports of Ocarina of Time and Majora's Mask for the 3DS. Most importantly, Link's Awakening is going to introduce something that could possibly open the door to a new style of gaming.

    The New Dungeon Editor Mode... That's right. You read that right. A Dungeon Editor Mode. How does it work?? As you go through all 8 dungeons, you will find extra Dungeon pieces to help build your very own dungeon. Where is it located?? Remember that DX Camera Shop that was in the Game Boy Color version of Link's Awakening DX?? Located in Tal Tal Heights?? That's where it's going to be accessible. Building your own style dungeon?? Who wouldn't be excited for that?? However... With the New Dungeon Mode located where the DX Camera Shop was originally at, does that mean the DX Camera Shop is no longer around?? Well, let's just say that you will have to wait and see on September 20th... But, I will tell you this... Make sure your 'Capture' the right moments.

    Soo, with all of this that's coming, what are you most excited about?? Let's hear your opinions!!

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