Young Impa

  • On twitter someone I follow @Yami_sha posted a still from the announcement video where we can see a girl similar to Paya and she questions if that's Impa. It hadn't dawn on me then that we would be seeing her Young.

    When you meet Impa in BotW the way she greets Link is like he must have spent some time together back in the day, so being able to finally see how they got long and what kind of moments they shared together sounds freaking sweet! Also, they say around that Paya took after Impa's looks, so it'll be fun to see if they are going to carry over some of the jokes that were with Paya as another wink.

    Maybe I am getting to ahead of myself, since it is just a Hyrule Warriors game and probably they are not going to go too far with the story, but the potential is there.