In which difficulty are you playing Age of Calamity?

  • Your preferred level of difficult? 1

    1. Easy (0) 0%
    2. Normal (1) 100%
    3. Hard (0) 0%
    4. Very Hard (0) 0%

    I started in normal and then moved to Hard. I figured I could switch to Very Hard and then replay older missions to farm for more valuable loot and EXP.

    But seems like joke's on me, since the material quality and drops won't change, apparently to unlock skulltullas I need to use normal for the first and hard for the second, and other than rupees and a bit more EXP there is no much in the way of post-mission bonus.

    So I guess I'll just drop back to normal for now. :P

    Of course, I not very well informed. I just read some comments in Reddit and GameFAQs while trying not to get spoiler. So maybe I got this wrong.

    Anyway, what difficult are you playing?

    I made the votes public and retractable.

  • I've come to have a strong preference for games that don't have metagame difficulty selectors. I feel like whenever I am asked to select a difficulty up front, I pick the wrong one. Either I pick 'hard' on games where it's far too punishing to be possible for a first time player, or I pick 'normal' in games where it's entirely too easy to be a fun challenge.