Feelings after a little over a week

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    As a Zelda and Nintendo fan the last two years have been pretty weird for me. Call it burn out or general disappointment with Nintendo's decisions in some other games and hardware but I found myself for the first time ever not feeling hyped with the trailers. I was curious when the ultrahand and fusing mechanics came out but I wasn't losing it. And that was really weird. I mean, people that know me in person, quickly learn that the easy way to gift me something I'd like is giving me something Zelda related.

    This is to say that instead of jumping on the game it actually took me some days debating with myself. Of course I ended up buying it. At first I was overly critical, maybe to soothe my ego. Like I noticed a piece of texture glitching on a building in the Sky Islands, the water filter acting wonky, etc. Little stuff that didn't matter.

    Once I started unlocking the arm functions I got hooked. It was a nice way of being hooked. I thought I'd feel overwhelmed but it has felt pretty chill in terms on letting you create your own pace. You can get story elements or explore or collect as you see fit. I won't get much on what I think on the story I've uncovered so far but the game on itself has been alright.

    Also, I managed to get myself stuck pretty early in the game: