Online legacy

  • Seeing the thread about the old TSR community, I was inspired to create this one. It's a place to details your online wanderings, however long or short, and the places that have shaped and defined you.

    Highlights of my own past online life, in chronological order:

    • Nintendo Norway: 2000, the first place where I felt I belonged. We had a pink chatroom for members and we were really nice to one another. There also was a forum existing for about a decade, with a bunch of lingering nostalgic veterans.
    • OORPG: around 2001, my first exposure to the English internet. It didn't last for long, but one of my close friends had a boyfriend there. I mostly had a broken heart and a bunch of self-pity.

    • Spira Online/TSR/ToH: is the place that has stuck around the longest. Includes a bunch of you other old farts here!
    • TPF/ Online: my own community in Norwegian, Pokémon related. Reached about 10k posts then faded. I bumped into one of the biggest posters IRL for the first time last week!
    • LotR Norway: I was part of the big Tolkien geek community in my country, and soon became a veteran. Several of my most interesting friends IRL were part of this community too, and I've gone to medieval fairs with them.

    • Machinae Supremacy Forum: never listened as much to one band as this one, and on their forum I had a kind of spam renaissance, reawakening the joy of posting a lot of silly harmless stuff. Throughout my time there, my avatars featured sexy pikachu chicks or sexy chicks dressed as pikachus.

    • I had an Otherkin journey once, and bumped into this closed community out of curiosity. A surprisingly active place. Met some really nice people with very fascinating thoughts, but in the end I couldn't relate to them as a community and grew apart from the identity.

    That's about it. My golden time was 2001-2003, and the past decade I've been more of a lurker due to real-life occupations.

    When I was young, the internet was a different place! Meh, I always wanted to be ancient anyway:XD:

  • I'm only 14 (15 in November) at the moment, so I haven't been to many forums, but I can put some down that have had a big impact on me.

    • Sonic Paradox - I joined this forum in 2009, and stayed until 2010. When I was about 9, I went into this huge Sonic the Hedgehog obsession, and I was only on the internet for things related to Sonic only. I then came across the series Sonic Shorts, and I joined my forum. I was banned after being on there for about 6 months, due to my child mind. I was angry about it before, but I don't care anymore, because I now completely understand their point: Kids do not belong on forums.

    • Vizzed - I joined this forum in 2011 and stayed until early 2015. This forum is definitely my favorite forum of all time. I was going through some suicide thoughts and hard times during last year, and this site was the only thing that brought my spirit up. But then, on one fateful day, I let those feelings get to me and I went out of control. I got into an argument with some members, and I made the dumb decision to post porn in the chat. I regret the decision. It was unecessary and immature. After that, I got banned. It really messed me up, what happened, but I do still keep in contact with some of the friends I had on there through Steam, and they all forgive me. It took me a while to get over it, but I'm fine now and have changed my ways.

    • Zelda Cavern - I joined this forum quickly after I got banned on Vizzed, and I'm still here. This forum has a wonderful community, and it makes me feel like I'm back at Vizzed. I was brought here alongside my friend Pekachew, who has actually left the site. I am currently a mod of this site, and I am honored to have this title. Although it's a small community at the moment, I'm sure it will grow exponentially in due time. (Love you all)

    • PokeCommunity - I joined this forum a few days ago, and I'm still on there. This is the most recent forum I have joined, and I love it. One of my friends from Vizzed brought me to it, and I'm thankful he did. There are a ton of members, and it's always active. Nothing important has really happened yet, so I may update this post when something happens on there.
  • Hrmmmmmmnnnmnmnmmnmnm.

    • My journey begins in 2001. My parents finally allowed me to create my first email account on Yahoo. This, in turn, enabled me to sign up accounts elsewhere, and to submit things to other websites.

    • I spend every day going to reading fanfiction and news and history. I eventually find their zelda sub-website, "The Grand Adventures."
      I become kind of a fixture at TGA; submitting editorials, game information, etc.

    • I join the TGA forum for about a week. I had very explicit instructions from my parents not to talk to strangers online. The guilt overwhelmed me and I confessed. They told me I had to stop. For awhile I did, but this was pretty much the last time I ever cared about my parent's rules.

    • Zelda GC: I joined as staff to write game walkthroughs. Zelda GC had a forum, so I joined the forum. Turns out that forum was just a sub-forum of TSR. I eventually made my way outside the ZeldaGC section and started to engage with the community at large. I honestly don't remember ZeldaGC lasting very long after that. There was a ~3 month period in there where I didn't have internet, and I think Zelda GC went away.

    • TSR: From then on. I was a constant member until it went offline.

    • Chit Chat Paradise was run by Annabelle (who was apparently just the alter ego of Madeleine). It had a very different group than the one hanging out at TSR, but there was some overlap. This is where I met Lady TK, I think. Software was EZBoard

    • Warteen's Final Fantasy III Message Board: Another EZBoard. A small group of real life friends whose primary hangout was (for some reason) a video game message board. I ended up hanging out there off and on for at least five to eight years. I'm sure I probably annoyed them more than anything else.

    • Unknooooown.... I ran an RP board at some point in here. I honestly do not remember what it was called, or when it was. I remember one of my characters was Ryu Hayabusa from the Ninja Gaiden games. (I think, maybe, it was "The Hylian Legacy Forums?")

    • TSR Goes down: We are set adrift.

    • Livejournal: I was on Xanga for awhile before this, but LJ had the majority of my friends on it. So it was a good tool to keep in contact + gave me a space to write about stuff.

    • Twilight of Heroes - My versions: The old grey and blue version. Was specifically geared towards former TSR members.

    • Twitter: From ~2010-2013 I was on Twitter a lot.

    • Twilight of Heroes - 'Zilla's version: Black and gold. Good times.

    • The OSR: I started Comma, Blank_, my D&D blog, in August of 2011. I connected with some Old School Rennisance bloggers, and started drawing an OSR crowd. Eventually I switched my blog to Papers & Pencils, and switched over to OSR games myself.

    • Google+ Primarily as a continuation of the OSR community. At this point it's the only traditional social media I use.

    This proved to actually be a pretty difficult list to put together.

    Also, Machine Supremacy rocks.

  • Not counting the Spanish online presence.... I have been in so many places that it is hard to account for all of them and I am sure I will miss remember some and even omit important ones.
    Do not take the years as absolutes by any means. This is list is so long taht I guess not many will read it all, hahah.

    1998~ We got our first computer. I only used google a few times and clinged to the few websites I found. I didn't know how to set bookmarks so I just would use google to find the same zelda sites. We had misconceptions about MSN and talking with Strangers. As I learned more about computers through school I felt more confident about the forums. I remember I read the description for a forum and I wanted to be part of it. I gathered all what i could to ensure my parents it was safe and be granted permission.

    2000 - 2003? - HCA - Hyrule.Com.Ar was the first website I arrived back in the year 2000 short of graduating middle school and entering highshool. It took me a year to convince my father to let me create an account. I was a complete n00b not understanding netiquette concepts. I came up with Kaynil and started using since then. Admired some people from there and I felt like I belonged even though it was a once sided thing. I was trying to fit and still struggling to communicate my ideas in English so I can only imagine how much of a spammer and annoyance I probably was back then.

    2002 - 2005 Ganon's Tower - This became the refuge when HCA fell due hackers and server problems. Many members migrated and remained there for years. It became more of a casual chat place than zelda community. kept in touch with some members and finally got the courage to approach Zelda King in a more effective way. I made some friends and kept the friendship with some others. HopeNForever and Link1512 are two names that resonate along an awesome dracula themed moderator who helped me. I remember I said he was nice and he said with a wink to keep it a secret given his reputation. he made my day so much. It was as if a superhero had noticed me. I was used to staff cold shoulders so it wa refreshing for me.

    2002 - 2006? The Sacred Realm - I just remember posting in HCA a heartfelt post being because of Dt7 leaving after getting in a fight with another member (I kind of remember the fight and I remember the other member was also someone I got along in the forum games area), said member PMed afterwards and linked me to two communities he was active the CAN (C-something... Anime Network) and TSR. The Sacred Realm was an eye opener to my concepts of Staff versus normal members and making genuine bonds. I was used to cold staff here they were all warm and part of the community. I wasn't dismissed I was patiently explained my most stupid doubts. It was there where I could ask anything, where I felt my opinion was worth something and where I was challenged to reason why I supported certain opinion. While it was a Zelda/FF community I remember more the members athn the topics themselves. I met great people and I am happy I can be honoured with their presence in this very community. Members like @LinkSkywalker, @Kaltaka, @'zilla, @kilovh... and probably someone else I might be forgetting about (sorry sorry sorry)!

    December 2001 - 2003? - The Great Deku Tree - Somehow one day I wasn't supposed to be on I got added through MSN on a weird group conversation mostly between forum admins. Attrox was complaining of his board being inactive. loving zelda boards I said I would join. I was expecting a simple suddenlaunch type of forum instead I found an active and intimidating vB community. I joined purely because I said I would. Went to forum games. I met @Sardonic Pickle there. I remember some cool users but I never made as big roots as my friend did there.

    2003~2004 GamersCrossFire - Informal community run by Zelda King. it was actually pretty nice and served as refuge from other zelda communities. the members were united and full of inside jokes I couldn't understand. I might be misspelling the name (sorry). Today I still keep in touch with him through Miiverse but other than that we don't really talk often.

    2003~2005 Hyrule The Land of Zelda or HTLOZ - On GXF I learned of HTLoZ and to my delight found members from everywhere reunited there. I couldn't make many memories but the members made the stay worth it.

    2004-2006? The Anubis Boards - Invited by KK who was invited by another member from GT I got pulled into a forum like no other I have ever stepped into. There were unique categories and topics being created. Back then the admins were a couple with a specific dynamic. The man was a vocal and even coming across as rude person. The dictator of the forum where his word was law. the lady was the sweetest friendliest girl you can imagine that always cared for people and made her best to make us have a good time. She also posted a lot, and I mean a lot. Stressing over making sure the forum was active coming up with anything at the top of her head. I made some deep bonds at the Anubis boards, some just as deep as I did in TSR. Eventually there was a big conflict involving Staff, members took sides and the place was deleted without any warning. It was just gone. So we were left in the air. From the conflict stances and the desire to remain united two communities were created that kind of worked as a clique at first. Eventually things settled down and they relaxed and became open again. They were both very different. I ended up sticking in the Desert Lullaby.

    2003~2006 Zelda Dimension - I think I met @Akiranon from there. It was a pretty cool community. I remember the admin was Henry N. I wonder how is he doing. It was pretty fun. I don't remember many names but I remember that place meant something very special to me. It was also were a friend of mine confessed a crush on me first through the boys only thread and then to me. They wanted to know if I had accepted him but I was still in denial with my own feelings and deflected him.
    Henry N also got in a relationship and both were in charge of the community. I feel awful I cannot recall her name even though she was so nice with me.

    2005~ Zelda Community / Zelda Cavern / Zelda Fortress - To be honest I don't remember many details on how I arrived and how I became staff and which merges I witnessed. It was the first time I was ever trusted in a position of staff and while I don't feel I contributed much, it was great being part of a team. I had become more vocal and confident in my English but I was still pretty much hammering myself down with self doubts.

    2006 ZeldaGamers - The refugee I ran when several communities fell one after another. Zelda Dimension close their doors for good as the webmasters had lost the passion that drove them years ago with Zelda. Made new friends, kept in touch with others and they were my support for my Long Distance Relationship.

    2006~ Final Fantasy Paradise . Some peeps from Hylian Hero kept mentioning FFP and eventually through PM I was invited to check it out. The friendly atmosphere enchanted me. I first joined as Dark Rinku but the dissonance between my old avatar and the sweet name calling as they knew I was a girl ended up making me feel uncomfortable enough to ask for the name change to Kaynil. I followed the place from its first version to the split back in the third version. While Version 2 was cool many members didn't like that some of the new things added to entice activity seemed to rise Spam. Other problems arose but even with that

    2006? Dessert Lullaby - The continuation of TABs became quickly a second home for us. It was like the ToH. A bunch of people that came close in another community that they lost. They tried mainly to keep in touch and take the opportunity to make something unique out of it. DL was that place I could visit anytime and people would remember you, care for you and be interested in what have you been up to. they were encouraging and at the same time spoke to you bluntly on how they felt.

    2008? Advertise Hotspot - I don't remember exactly how I ended up in this community. I think it was forum hopping. I found Forumansion and while intimidated I was curious about the forum currency and the services. FM started going downhill and I checked other similar niche communities, enchanted by a zone to talk about your forum experiences. AH stood up. I liked the webmaster he seemed quite caring, young and yet energetic, always advertising his place and having ideas for contests and stuff. It was great. Being a promotion forum there was a zone where members could review other people's websites. I tried to review one and went as usual too long in my reply, but Joel thought I was good material for Reviewer so i joined the staff team as a Reviewer. It was fun and the team was cool. Eventually I switched to becoming a packager alternating between being a packager there and in other forums that were starting. I tried to bring the concept to the spanish speaking forums but I wasn't committed enough and failed. AH had some hiccups, including some nasty rumours about the webmaster. He had always been kind to me, to the point that not only did he provide dme with advise as I opened about my Spanish Zelda community, he bought a domain and pushed it to me. He also had shown signs of being naive giving too much money to someone who never paid him back. Anyway AH was coming back and he was making an event out of its relaunch... The relaunch was delayed and suddenly he disappeared. Then things came to the open. That webmaster had been using stolen cards to pay for goods. He had been caught. A few weeks later AH was gone. Half a year later the domain he gave me was taken because of his deeds. My only options were to either pay his debt or just wait for it to expire and be back into the market again. I forfeit it.

    After that I joined other communities I found mainly through Forum Promotion but I didn't really strike a deep community. I had great places to chill and pretty nice times but I was way less involved than before.

    2014? - The 3DSpedia - A good member from ForumPromotion PMed regarding a project he had and asked me if I wanted to be part of it. I was thrilled but also was the time when I wasn't doing very well with my job and stuff. I was stressed but I wanted to be part of it. I saw it coming out and progress but not because of me. I tried to be there and do some game reviews and posts. I kept failing. I honestly feel very embarrassed about it. I wish I had done more. last thing I committed was the MM remake. Although I made it it was a lot later and it was rushed. I am not sure if they even published. I didn't exactly tried to get their attention. After that I feel to ashamed of myself to even visit despite that i know fair well they are all very understanding, encouraging and friendly and wouldn't wish me anything bad. They were great I just feel like a complete failure.

    2014? Zelda Sanctuary - I helped for a while with the news and compiling the news. I figured having a responsibility to post news would help me with my Spanish community too for ideas and news. Things worsened at work and moving out and life and gah. I really could help as much as I potentially could have five years ago. It was still a nice return to a Zelda community and to some forum peeps I had not seen in years. Sadly ZS suffered from the same symptoms as its predecessor ZT and it edned up being removed at some point. Currently the webmaster has another forum going for her projects and even if some of the people from the past community made it it is nowhere as active as ZS was.

    2015 Zelda Cavern. - Here we are. In the short while we've been around I am already more than comfortable opening up in this place and having even some of the people I have met through the Spanish Speaking communities here brings me immense pleasure. @ShiroMZM , @Dlink, @Firedri are some of the people that helped and made some fond memories with our Spanish hangout.

    Thank you all for being here. This place, this project and having you together means a lot to me. I am sorry if I am not leading with the example with activity but don't think I am bored or unmotivated to work here. The alliance with @Link for the opportunity to help with this community closes a full circle in what I've dreamt to do and the friends I have around. You guys are awesome for making this place what it is is. It is going well and I can only hope we keep growing and making more memories and fun times.

  • Hmmm, well, let's see:

    2004 - Mario Heaven - The only real reason I signed up for this forum was because I was into Mario Kart at the time. I didn't post much, and never really became a part of the community.

    2006-2008: - Mostly because I was into PSP hacking. I made several hundred posts there. None of which I can remember, lol.

    2006-2009(?): Twilight Princess .net/Zelda Gamers - I really loved this Zelda Community. It's where I met a lot of my online friends. The focus of the forum wasn't really about Zelda, but the people there all had a good time. This is still the only forum to date where I made more than 800 posts, lol. It's too bad that Dave suddenly let the forums die without warning.

    2006-????: Zelda Dimension - This forum used to feel like a big family. This is where I met people like Kaynil, Shrukan and some other people that I still talk to today. The owners of the site/forum were also really, really nice. They were really involved with the community. It's so sad that the forums eventually closed down.

    2007-2014: Zelda Temple/Forsaken Fortress/Zelda Sanctuary - This is where I met my girlfriend! Kaynil also used to hang out here sometimes. These forums were kinda most famous for their drama, unfortunately.

    2008-2009: Zelda Dungeon - Believe it or not, but I was actually a Hylian Knight once at Zelda Dungeon. After I was promoted, I became inactive and they demoted me again. Oh well.

    2015 - Zelda Cavern - Hi!

  • After reading this, it came to my head that we need to make more memories. I mean, let's do things right now that we will remember forever. We can all think of a way to stay in contact with one another just in case something happens. Sorry for getting off-topic, I just really wanted to say this.

  • I'm always on skype hey add me or something

    My online legacy is super boring there's barely legacy on it.

    I started of on some forums but no one care about that i was like 8.

    back on June 2008 I found a neat animating program that focused on animating stick figures, thing was called "Pivot stickfigure animator" . Thing was pretty neat and I started wasting time on it, looking at some animations on youtube I found a link to a forum from someone that I thought his animations were neat, his name was WTFTeamALJM, so I joined on july.
    The forum's name was WTFTeam, I didn't really know at the time but this became pretty much my online home. It was a small 3 members community when it started, I basically joined days after the forum was created. I met these other two guys, we shared our animations all in good fun.
    Within a few days other members started joining and the community grew little by little. It never became something huge but it definitely became one of the 3 most known English pivot forums hey that's something. As time went on I became a moderator and even Admin in the late time of it.

    There was this other pivot forum named DarkDemon, it was basically the big pivot guy and I joined back on 2008 as well. This was the place where you could know if you were a good animator or not get actual feedback etc. Site had a lot of problems regarding owners just passing it off around 2013 but the community is still there. I'm still am member of the community I judge animations or something. I was never too active or involved on this forum to the extent I was with WTFTeam but I still was around.

    WTFTeam basically died around beginning 2014 and we migrated to another community named West, it's still there but it's not very active anymore, it's, I was put administrator but we haven't really done much to lift it up because we've been busy with our own life, the interest to animate with the program has been long gone so the motivation isn't really there.
    Most of my online buds come from WTFTeam although we don't really use the program anymore we still chill and talk on a daily basis. A lot of guys just disappeared but some of us stayed in contact. It's crazy to know I've chatted with these people 5 years longer than I have talked with my university friends.

    My online legacy revolves around this stupid pivot stickfigure animation program and I love it. I learned basic animations to a point where I consider myself decent at it, I made great friends and a lot of memories. I really can't ask for much more, it's stupid.

    Hey this forum is cool too. I've joined a few other zelda forums and whatnot but I don't really think they have made any impact on me.