SEGA Subforum

  • I think before we create any more gaming subforums, it'd probably be good if we saw some activity related to the topic we would make the subforum for.

    I mean, so far this is the only thread on the whole forum discussing SEGA games. I think we should see more SEGA based conversations before we make a whole subforum for the topic.

  • I usually wait for 5 threads on topic before considering making a subforum for it.
    In other words: Quick! Lets make 5 threads here that related to sega.

    If they're well received (as in people answer to them and stuff) I will create the subforum and move them together in their own subforum.

    If those threads already exist, would you mind linking me to them. :-)

  • I object on two counts.

    1. The various gaming platforms don't actually have different games. If someone starts a Fallout 4 thread, what do they tag it? It's out on XBox, PS4, and PC. And there really aren't that many exclusive games. And the games that are exclusive are usually only exclusive for a few months.

    2. the "Other Video Games" subforum isn't that active. Why create a bunch of subforums or tags that nobody will use?

  • I can see what you mean. Although just like with Nintendo we can also discuss the consoles and other aspects of the XBox. Still, there is only so much discussion you can carry that way.

    I am going to rearrange a bit the structure of the forums to have Zelda as its own category instead of joined with Nintendo. At least to bring the Zelda general chat into focus again. Maybe after doing that change I can find a better way to restructure the gaming discussion. To be more intuitive and inclusive.