Flying in SS

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    Many people seem to enjoy a lot flying in Skyloft.

    I was not one of them. Not for lack of trying. the idea of riding a giant bird is rad! but as it turns out I was a clutz. I couldn't get a smooth trip, the bird would start flapping all over. After I noticed the height level I tried to stay in the middle but I still had that. It was very frustrating. perhaps you can explain me where I was coming short.

    Anyway, enough of my experience. I would love to know:

    Did you liked to travel using Loftwing travel around?
    Feel free to share any funny story. :lol:

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    Hearing that gives me hope. Once I move to the new place and my splatoon feever recedes I'll play SS again and give it another go.

    You just were bad I had no problem with it. you always had to be flying slightly downwards and use the flap flap to ascend.

    I need to learn to control the flap flap. [emoji29]