Zelda: Breath of the Wild's Biggest Misconception

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    It is not very common to jump the gun with all the quotes and new information that has been revealed in The legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild.

    One of the biggest misconceptions is the idea that we can simply 'wake up' and march straight towards the last boss in our initial gear.
    It has already been made clear we will need a certain item to be able to leave the initial area, so while you probably won't have to follow straight to a T all the initial missions, you will still need to play some before you can be equipped in a way that that you can actually make it far if you're deciding to go for that dash.

    It also brought in people the fear that they might accidentally skip segments of the story which doesn't seem to be the case, since Aonuma quote is clear talking about a choice. You can bother getting familiar with your surroundings and the lives of the NPCs around you or you can just dash towards the main game. Most likely if you are used to talking to NPCs and obeying instructions (like the voice that guides you at the start of the demo) you will be fine.

    I just think it means that this game won't give you a sense of dread over starting over because of long tutorials of things you already know and you will be able to trim the fat if you know what you're doing or don't really like wasting time in little side quests and the like. Surely not everyone will be willing to complete the 100+ trial challenges.

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    Well, unless you glitch the game like people will inevitably figure out how to. That provides a pretty quick way of leaving the initial area without the paraglider!

    That's true. :lol:
    I bet there is already some people rubbing their hands saying to themselves "Challenge accepted".