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    As someone who beat it, I didn't find it all that difficult. Felt like they didn't do enough with the Lynels and Guardians on later floors.

    As you know, collecting all 900 of the Korok Seeds in Zelda Breath of the Wild is a really tedious, time consuming affair.

    But thanks to a new glitch found by LinkTroisUn on YouTube, you're able to get an unlimited number of seeds from the same Korok:

    So yeah, no more seed hunting! At least if you don't have all the Divine Beasts yet...

    Has anyone tried it yet? There's a good video on how to pull it off here:

    Personally, I've been messing around with it myself recently. Got myself a whole ton of Hylian Shields from it, which is pretty cool:


    So yeah, anyone else here tried this?

    Beat Ganon
    Got all memories
    120 shrines
    All sidequests and shrine quests complete
    Master Sword
    13 Hylian Shields
    27 Hearts
    3 Stamina Wheels
    Many hundreds of Koroks
    Medals of Honour for Talus, Hinox and Molduga
    Most armour upgrades

    I'm definitely hoping my Virtual Console purchases carry over. I mean, why do they keep making you buy them again anyway? Heck, why does the Wii U still not have most of the Virtual Console games available on the original Wii?

    Honestly Nintendo, just move all Wii U VC games to Switch, and add in all the ones from the original Wii, the NES Classic Mini and the 3DS Virtual Console too. Enough of this 'slow drip' of content or constant rebuying.

    Well, glad you fixed the smilies here! Also, nice that you provided commands for two different languages as well. That's nice to see!

    Well, congrats I guess, though if you're fine with bootlegs, I don't get why you don't just buy a flashcard and put the ROMs on there yourself.

    Oh sorry, I was just somewhat distracted with writing and trying to get through the actual game.

    So yeah, apologies for that. By the time I realised the topic had been updated, it was too late.

    Maybe I could help? I have both Kadabra and Haunter needing trade evolutions, so maybe I could literally trade one Haunter for the other? Then trade them back, and hey, Bob's your uncle!

    Well I don't mind it, but I've never exactly thought 'god this is much better than the GBA SP' either.

    I'm happy my 8Bit GBA is still going strong. Definitely worth the purchase. I'm tempted to sign up for Retro Game Treasure which is a monthly subscription that send you random retro games and I can get aslew of GBA games from them Im really considering it to build up my collection.

    Wait, 8 bit GBA? Isn't the GBA a 16 bit system?

    So let me get this straight.

    If I post a comment or send you a message on any site, it'll somehow factor into the storyline here. Is that correct?

    That's an interesting concept if true. Wish you all the best of luck with the series!

    Well, I do prefer these choices to the last DLC pack's character choice. I mean, they had all these interesting characters for the Spirit Tracks/Phantom Hourglass pack... and then they picked Toon Zelda instead. At least Ravio and Yuga are two of the most important characters in A Link Between Worlds, and are unique in their own right.

    Still, I don't own Hyrule Warriors, and I don't really care to at this point. Just seems like it'd be impossible to catch up with the game if you didn't start with it early on.

    I've rage quit a few times when playing fan made games or mods, usually when the level design is either frustrating or too unfair to be enjoyable.

    But it's pretty rare for me to do this in most games.