New ALBW DLC for Hyrule Warriors Legends

  • Even after all this time, more DLC has been coming out steadily for the3DS version of Hyrule Warriors.
    This time is the turn of A Link Between Worlds.

    As standard, there will be trinkets like stuff for your fairy, alternate skins for some characters in addition to the main dish: New characters.

    Ravio and Yuga (Best friends forever. Okay, no. :XD: )

    What do you think?
    Do you have or plan to acquire Hyrule Warriors Legends?

  • Well, I do prefer these choices to the last DLC pack's character choice. I mean, they had all these interesting characters for the Spirit Tracks/Phantom Hourglass pack... and then they picked Toon Zelda instead. At least Ravio and Yuga are two of the most important characters in A Link Between Worlds, and are unique in their own right.

    Still, I don't own Hyrule Warriors, and I don't really care to at this point. Just seems like it'd be impossible to catch up with the game if you didn't start with it early on.

  • Yeah, pretty much feels like way behind to start. I probably just would get the game if I found it really cheap or something, which I don't see happening anytime soon.

    I got the Wii U version I just couldn't keep my attention with it long enough. I finished the story but I was still too behind in levels for the adventure maps. I admit I am curious about getting some of the DLC characters of Legends but I don't feel that compelled to spend on a game I already spend money on before.

    I mean, they had all these interesting characters for the Spirit Tracks/Phantom Hourglass pack... and then they picked Toon Zelda instead.

    Oooh, I am interested, who would you have picked up instead? :D
    For me, it wasn't Zelda the problem (except for her weird lipstick) but Toon link, would he count as an extra character or would his gam-play merge just like Adult Link can have different weapons, because I think it should have been the latter and thus another completely new character should have been in his place. Like, why not making Linebeck the captain instead?

  • I wish the DLC for HW wasn't so pricey. I love the game, but I hate having to shell out so much for all these new characters. Oh well.

    I personally would have wanted to see Linebeck, a Minish Cap based Link (not that we need any more Links now, but it would have been nice), or Vaati as DLC. But what we got was pretty good. I main Tingle in this game, and it is absolutely amazing. But Medli and Maron were really....Lame choices for fighters.

  • I wish the base game was cheap as well. Buying the game and all DLC is quite expensive.

    Medli and Marin were pretty surprising since they are not fighters. Although, for LA I think she was probably the iconic choice.

    Medli I guess it was just popularity. Kind of like with Ravio. Linebeck is a coward so as much as I kike him I am thinking he probably would look as out of place as these ladies.

    Minishcap Link woukd be awesome. Fir example the excavating mittens were begging for it. X3