Rage quit

  • I just wonder guys if you have ever Rage quit a game and how prone you are to do that.
    I also would love if you guys shared your stories on how that came to be.


    I have the feeling some PS or PS2 game made me get really frustrated and quit before but I cannot remember anything beyond that. I didn't throw my controller to the Tv so I guess that's good news.

    Recently I was very hooked with Bravely Default, but I skipped by accident two job asterisks, they were optional but I was looking forward to getting them so realising they were not longer available in the chapter bugged me to the point of starting over in a new file. I also have been grinding a lot compared to my last file. I was just barely in the second chapter when I had already reached the level I had before, 50. Right now I am nearing 60 and I haven't got the second bragging-McNugget out of the four. In my past file, I had just gotten the third one. I feel I will only feel better once I reach to where I was in my first file without missing the optional jobs.

    Would you consider this some sort of rage-quit? I don't exactly regret my decision, but I can feel the anxiety for not being yet where I was. It is one of the weirdest feelings I've ever had over a game.

  • I'm sure I've rage quit a few games. I can't think of any games that I full on rage quit and never played again, but I've certainly dropped out of a few online matches where things were hardcore not going my way and I was angry about it. It's not something I'm proud of.

    I did quit both Final Fantasy Tactics and Final Fantasy 8 pretty much at the end of the game when I ran into some fucked up, unbeatable situation. But I still love both of those games.

  • I guess if you tone down the definition of "rage" a bit, then I actually surprised myself recently, in the worst way. XD
    My sister and I recently bought Rare Replay and basically started marathoning the Banjo Kazooie games. We played them for about four days straight, we beat the first one easy... But honestly... I forgot how big the second one was. By the time you get the the end of that game, it runs you ragged and you JUST want to fight the final boss. It's a struggle to get just enough to get to the final area... You beat the fight a miniboss and beat a quiz to unlock the final boss and... Wait... Why is there another locked door...? I NEED ANOTHER FIFTEEN JIGGIES?!
    Im... I'm gonna... go... do... Something... Else...

  • Dungeons2 DLC "A Game of Winter." It's hilarious, but significantly harder than the main game. There was this one part that I just couldn't get past for ages. Every time, I'd get over-run by the "good guys." I rage quit but in a "screw this" kinda way. Definitely no smashing things. I did uninstall the game from my mac though. lol.

    One day recently, I reinstalled the game and won that part. I couldn't believe it. Pretty sure there is a little luck involved in that too, especially the timing of blizzards. Blizzards actually help you.

  • I've rage quite several times - every single time with FIFA. If anyone has ever played FIFA Ultimate Team, you'll know how frustrating that game is because I'm 100% sure the system cheats to allow bad players to still win by giving boosts to their players


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  • To no ones surprise's I think Mario Kart 7 made me rage quit not that long ago. Itw asn{t anything dramatic, I just closed and threw the console to my bean bag in frustration. There were to arses that had modded things so they could summon and shoot red shells one after the other. the otehr one no matter how low he was on the race would appear as first place. This happened to me after I had backed out from two different lobbies because I wasnt doing very good and I was already tense so having these jerks really pushed my buttons. I also had heard someone saying sometimes Nintendo just bans every account that appears in modded races like that so I was pretty angry at thinking how guys like these risks everyone else accounts.