About the smilies

  • I think I have fixed the problem we had with clicking the smilies and then they not appearing. I took the opportunity to unify a bit the style and cut some of the lesser used commands off the list so there is a chance that some of the old posts might still present some outdated command.

    For our convenience, as much as possible I am adding classic western-text-emoticons commands, as it might speed things up in mobile or unsure of the word command. It also will make the posts look better if you decide to deactivate the command conversion to images.


    As for the writing commands, I am trying to keep one term in English and one in Spanish, so people that come from the Spanish side can use the usual text, and so can you if you are over there.

    Now a few conventions for those that rather type the command words.

    One word commands will be all written in lower caps.



    If the command is two words, like say "Dark Link", the first word will be lower caps and the next words will all start with a cap letter.




    I hope this comes handy. I suspect most of the time you will just be able to click the smiley you want and not worry about it too much.

    If you find broken smiley commands in a post, use the report button on said post and I will take a look.Thank you guys. Sorry, it took me longer than expected.