• I've made this in the other forum.

    In this thread you will have to post different songs of different genres. It is not allowed to repeat a genre, but you can post sub-genres.

    The idea is to have variety of different genres and there are a lot of music to explore out there...

    Like in the other forum I'm going to start with something homemade, it's called "nueva troba", a song made by the group "Malpaís" and played by "Editus". Th song is named "contramarea".

  • Great idea! I'm not very good at telling a genre, but I guess we'll just have to try and post something sufficiently different.

    The genre I'm posting is a modernisation of yoik. Yoik refers to the ancient singing style of the Sami people, whose history is bound to the Eurasian Arctic steppes. Mari Boine is Sami and has used used her musical talent and fame to shed light on the mistreatment that her people have been put through. This mesmerizing song is my favorite among her works so far.

    Mari Boine - Vuoi Vuoi Mu

  • I was expecting the next post to be some kinda rock, you really susprised me :^o^:

    This next one is a genre I have been listenning a lot recently: Glitch, it's a sub-genre of electronic music, you can tell the different in the way the song is made, with sounds interrupting the main rythm and made in general with sounds that are kinda broke and glitchy, also recurrent to the DFX in a non-rythmical sense. From edIT, this song is called: Ants.

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    -Gotta wait for a double post before add other track

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  • That's an interesting genre! Challenging to the ears before you get used to it, but the track has sophistication.

    I'm tempted to post a gazillion different electronic tracks, but I'll try to reach for contrast. This German band likes to label themselves as Electro-Medieval. Very gothic, and the singer has an amazing voice. I keep returning to this very track for its great crescendo.

    (Also, I might be lucky because I don't understand Spanish – I bet she sings with a heavy German accent)

    Qntal - Vedes Amigo

    This thread needs more genres

    I think the label that best describes this band is Dark Folk. They are obsessed with pagan Viking soundscapes, and they imbue these tones with a might and ominousness that brings you to an ethereal imaginary past. You can hear the dark forests, the cold ragged mountains, and the echoing lament of gods and men.

    Wardruna - Raido

  • That's some good listening, 'Zilla!

    I'm not much of a music person, so my contributions will be limited. But I'd be remiss if I didn't give the nod to Retrosynth, which is about 80% of what I listen to these days.



  • That brings me back to retro game music and its roots! And I might as well break my trend of folk genres for a while...

    Chiptune came out of the earliest hardcore gamer communities. If you wanted a low-cost copy of a Commodore 64 game, you could send a request via mail and these guys would send you a cracked copy that they released. The game would come with a new intro, where you could select cheats like god mode etc, and the programmers would add their cool animations, programmed bleepy music, and 1337 territorial claims. This underground scene grew through many years and they still have gatherings and demo competitions to date.

    Estrayk is one of these composers, part of the cracking team Paradox. Here is one of his more complex chiptunes showing how the whole thing is programmed and played:

    Estrayk - Longest Rearming

  • This time I present to you Swedish maids yelling at cows. The singing style is called kulning and is a method of attracting animals or calling for help across long distances. It is full of ancient blue notes because the human voice can do whatever it wants, and this adds an unmistakable quality to the song.

    This short piece was improvised and performed by Jonna Jinton

    Another video of hers does indeed feature cows

  • For those of us who love melodies and can tolerate metal, Power Metal cannot be ignored. The genre is full of fantasy and teenage emotions (I do like that about it), but there are quality pieces to be found too. As an introduction, though, I'll post a catchy tune by the Finnish band Sonata Arctica. This kind of music goes really well with daydreaming you are a dragon and you're flying around and smashing up cities and such. Take it from experience.

    Sonata Arctica - Victoria's Secret

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