Trial of the Sword

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    This comes from the first DLC. It is my understanding some of you have already beaten it. I just had a small go and I made the mistake of not preparing myself for it. So anyone reading this, make sure to buff in hearts and attack or defence before heading in as they will keep your buffs and hearts as the starting point.

    I only made it to the first breather through the beginner part. Since it goes by "floors" it kind of reminded me the Arcades n Fighting games where you test your endurance by going battle after with whatever health you had left from the last battle and just a small chance to recover just a fraction before heading out again.

    Anyway, it sounds like a pretty fun challenge. Since you can't save while you are into it I had to leave unfinished but I would like to be able to finish it before facing Ganon, as I am sure it could help me to better my fighting skills as right now I am a total clutz.

    For those who have beaten it, what did you think of it? What did you like and didn't like about it?