• Hello all, I got bored one night and learned up on gif making. So I am open to requests, though I've made this thread in probably 4 other forums so I may end up backed up for a little bit. But I can make one out of images, videos(mp4, webm, mkv, avi, vob, divx and more that you've never heard of), and youtube and vimeo and that kind of stuff too, I also have limited yet still possible ability to do game gif's as well, only from the following consoles however :(
    Playstation 1
    Playstation Portable
    Nintendo Entertainment System
    Super Nintendo Entertainment System
    Nintendo 64
    Game Boy
    Game Boy Color
    Game Boy Advanced
    Nintendo DS (at a somewhat laggy <60fps)

    I can also help you in making your own gifs, personally I used this tutorial https://sites.google.com/site/…-image-from-a-video-scene
    it worked perfectly and hasn't failed yet I was a little unclear on it however so I am available whenever if you don't understand a particular part of it. Only thing is that the batch file he made was for a very hi-end computer/cpu/gpu etc. So I made up my own batch file for you guys, the variables that he tells you to change are all still there, there's just a few extra commands.

    mplayer "BBC.Robin.Hood.S01E01.720p.BluRay.x264.MIKY.mkv" -autosync 30 -ao sdl -cache 8192 -ss 00:09:59 -endpos 6 -vo png:z=9:outdir=out -vf pp=al,scale=-3:240

    Hopefully that's enough for anyone who wants to learn it. Once again though I'm accepting requests so PM me or post here I'll get it in due time, I'm on a poop-tier laptop though so they take a while cause bad ram :( that just means it may take a day or two before I get it back to you. The whole process for me takes about 10-30minutes that's when I have the file though, you can request a resolution, but if you don't I'm going to use 320px >< 240px It takes about an hour counting, finding/downloading the file, converting it, resizing it and configuring the gif, speed and so on.

    No one else has made a request though aside from a friend who isn't on a forum, so I have plenty of time and gif making power for you guys right now :) !

  • That's it! I'm placing @Edward_Stryfe under arrest. You're going to Zelda Connection Penitentiary pal, and you're not getting out for a long time.

    Ya know what they do to guys like you in there?

    They make em post more. That's what. Also macramé. It's actually a little better than the normal forum.

  • Lol I am working on helping a bro out with his youtube channel and I'm hosting files for download from my laptop and I've been doing a lot of dropbox syncing and torrent seeding so it takes like a million years to load a page, I'm just subscribing to the RSS for now, but is this a no bump forum?

  • As explained in the guidelines of the second commandment rule, necroposting is fine so long you add something.
    If you just say BUMP it falls into Spam but bumping it up with news, explanations, info or material perfectly acceptable. Just make your posts worth it and it should be fine.