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    Just finished BotW, well the main story and most the shrines, side quests ect. Must say one of the better of the series. To me it was very interesting to play a Zelda with a nice RPG system with the many armors and durability.

    I don't think it's good idea. Mainly because some Zelda games are aimed at the more younger audience. Take the Wind Waker or Phantom Hourglass for example. Once the younger children finish these, they might want to try other Zelda game only finding out it's an T/M title now filled with slaughter and gore. Nice, huh?

    Besides, I'm not a big fan of gore. The current Zelda games are fine the way they are, IMO.

    Agreed. Some games were made so it would attract a younger audience.

    Woo. I brought a freaking Zelda sheild for 30 bucks from a kid in school today :D He had no idea what it was and sold it for 30 bucks, It's a small one, like a game piece.

    *Kye woke up on a misty morning*
    "Aaargh!" Kye said as he woke up. Kye then heard a knock on his door.
    *Mail!" said the mailcarrier
    *Kye opens the door and reads the letter*
    "Avinash? Wasn't that the guy who was in the competition last year?"
    "And the Valley Of Darkness, hmm?"
    "Well, I'm gonna go get equipped."
    *Kye runs down to the Armoury Shop*
    "One set of Iron shoulderguards, please!" said Kye as he walked in.
    "Sure, my valued customer. Where are you heading off to this time?" said the shopkeeper, Crystal.
    "the Valley Of Darkness to fight a man named Avinash."
    "A-Avinash Sulfura?!" asked Crystal.
    "Yes, ma'am. That's why I came here. To get equipped." answered Kye.
    "Well, you need to be better equipped than that! He's quite strong! I'll give you my best armour--free!" said Crystal.
    "Wow! Thanks! Off to the Valley Of Darkness then!" said Kye.
    "Wait! One last thing!" said Crystal.
    "Yeah?" said Kye,
    "Please, do be careful and hurry on back. I couldn't stand you dying."
    "I will. No worries." said Kye.
    *Kye then teleports to the Valley Of Darkness*
    "Ah! I've been waiting for YOU, Kye." said a shadowy voice
    "Avinash!" said Kye
    "That's right." said Avinash.
    "Well, What do you want from me?" said Kye.
    "Your blood, boy, REVENGE!" siad Avinash with a sick smile.
    "You won't get it....Without striking me down first!"

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