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    I haven't been to the moon in a long time. :lol:

    I don't remember much. I do remember the Goron challenge drove me nuts, hahaha.

    And I recall a zora water slide maze. Out of that I just have glimpses in my head.

    I really wish I wouldve bought a custom 3DS with a capture card put inside of it.

    While I had my job I was considering doing that. I might still get a 2DS like that when I can afford it, to record footage.

    Well well, I guess regarding if I should hold unto my Moon copy:
    Signs point to yes!

    Thank you guys for your input. I think I'm going to save up and try to get Ultra Sun and for now just to continue Moon.

    I prefer to have physical copies of games, so the eshop is out of the question. As for the Switch, it's way too expensive right now so I'm focusing more on building up my old game boy collection as I sold those with my old sp years ago thinking I was no longer interested as I had the 3DS at the time. Still have the 2ds and love it, but I'm feeling nostalgic right 6

    Fair enough. I can understand people preferring having the original copy rather than in digital and tied to the console. Hopefully now that the 3DS is on its way out, the switch will try to get some competitive bundles by next Christmas.

    It sounds like a smart plan. Hopefully you can find again those games you are still missing.

    Honestly I don't know if I played myself here because all I did was doing a 2x launch power, one stock, one minute battles and that seemed to be enough to make me unlock a lot of characters. I guess I just run a lot through the stages, hahah. If you just want to get them ASAP I guess the method TopSilver describes is probably the best, since it gets the job done in a matter of hours. For me, it was annoying basically having to unlock them twice since because of the story of WoL they'd be locked to use in that mode until you "found" them again.

    Kaynil lets be honest....this was in mexico. I knew friends who were CARJACKED in El Paso, and their car taken to mexico. I would not have any important electronics within atleast 30 miles of the border LOL.

    I had a feeling you'd point that out. :lol:
    Like every city Juarez has its different suburbs with better or worse reputation. I was careless in a sector border with a very bad one, so I was not being smart by playing on the sidewalk. :|

    And well too bad that carjacking can happen at El Paso.

    I'll check it out and give a proper try then. I know I am going to miss a lot of references to past games, but hopefully it won't be a huge learning curve for someone like me taht is not familiar at all with past 3D Mario games.

    If you care about WoL I heard whatever you unlock there will be available for the smash mode too. I didn't backwards and did smash battles against CPU with 2x throw rate and one stock, and found out that I had to unlock them in the adventure mode anyway, so if you are planning on conquer that mode, it might be better to do that. Also if you want to unlock Link early enough I'll just give you the same hint a friend gave me: "choose right".

    also, I haven't really had bad lag lately, so I guess if you have a decent internet and connect with someone with a decent internet you will likely be able to have a battle without freezing many frames.

    I do not have a PC good enough to play the steam game I bought.... :( so I do not care about steam at this moment.

    Ugh, that sucks. Don't they have a refund policy if you contact them quick enough? I am not sure but I have the impression they do. Unless you rather keep the game in your library for later on when you can afford to upgrade your computer.

    Those Pokemon Games really brings me back, there used to be a lot of speculation to make sense of things. I only played Yellow but Cressel had the other ones at some point.. I definitely remember it. It was used to get a lot of Rare Candy and the fact that it could load with some creepy choices like the the ghost sprite or the fossils really made it something that anyone into Pokemon would talk about.

    I remembered it had to do with it trying to load a pokemon that didn't exist (basically an ID bigger than 151) but not exactly all the details on how to get it. My mind kept going back to the Mew under the truck, haha. Everybody said it would delete your data but everyone would risk it anyway. I o remember it jumbled the sprites and even some dialog. I remember it was important to skip that old man and not talking with him at all until you had fly or surf, since you found him at the start, or else you couldn't do the trick.

    Anyway, I searched a video to refresh that information up, and I think this one does a good job explaining how it works.

    The whole storing characters and using headecimal brings me back to my programming classes too. I find it all pretty neat once they explain how it works but back then itw as just something pretty creepy that had so many stories behind it so behind finding the pokemon by following the steps, you heard a lot of myths and scary stories people would make up to try and scare you like fake suicides of kids after catching the pokemon.

    Man, we didn't have the internet to just double check things as easily. I am pretty sure kids my age would probably write gaming magazines about it, hahaha.

    Honestly I was thinking about buying this game but haven't done it yet. Octopath Traveler is the next game I want to buy before getting something like this one but I still thought it looked fun when watching the opening gameplay on YouTube. I like the fighting style where you fight against all of the adversaries in an all out war style. That seemed very appealing to me and I definitely wanted to give it a try

    Sounds like a good plan to get Octopath first. From my understanding it is a good game, if itw asn't because I am already in the middle of another RPG I'd consider it.

    Hyrule Warriors is not a bad game. My disappointed with me last year was mostly in comparison to past versions they brought out. I felt like I paid full price for a product that didn't try to bring anything new.

    The fact I ended biting the bullet for this version is because I really enjoyed the 3DS version and I missed the improved looks of the Wii U version.From what I've seen so far either people just don't feel attracted at all or are curious, if you thought you would enjoy it I am almost confident you will.

    To make my position clear since that post, I discovered that rather than give you what was the DLC in past versions you gotta explore the adventure maps to find them out, so you actually will be getting them one at the time and feeling you are earning each character and alternate outfits, which I really like. And on itself the game definitely packs a good amount of stuff. I have been playing it for 125 hours and I still haven't got all the stuff I m interested in unlocking.

    I have Clash Royale installed right now and I love it. It's a great casual game and it's not too hard to get a good account without spending a penny on the game. They have different game modes as well which makes it really fun to play

    I think I've heard of that game before, I will check it out. Hearing it won't make me feel I need to pay to get over a game wall is pretty good news.

    I bought Knights of the Old Republic on my iPhone. It is pretty awesome to play this old Xbox game on my iPhone.

    Oh, I checked on my android and they have it here too. Though one of the negative reviews mentioned breaking party members bugs that happened to her often enough. I'll keep it in mind, though if it is available to purchase on the virtual store I'd rather that than mobile for a game like this.

    Mario Kart is releasing on android and iOS this year and it's nice that they are finally releasing a top notch game such as that for mobile.

    Yeah, I am intrigued about Mario kart for mobile, I am not sure what to expect. I know what i wish it was but not sure we will get it. If it is hands down one we can play real time with our friends it probably will become one of my favourites in no time.