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    Hey! Took me awhile to put down the lyrics >->

    As I predicted already, CC doesn't care for the members at all. Take them out CC, and what do you have? A Deserted forum.

    What will you do to change it? What will cause members to join? What will you physically do? Or will you sit back and let every other moderator do you job?

    Life's been shit and overall, I don't think I need to help around here anymore. Captain Cutflake will do a "great" job here, so I don't need to be here much longer. I also have school to worry about, so this maybe the last you see of me.

    An email I got form Zelda sages, but still WTFH? Is this right or no? Even though we hate the guy for it, I still don't think he should of gotten fired for this.

    @ The bolded part: I agree with you. No one cares for their grades at my school. All the kids just laugh it off and time and time again I told them: "All you are going to do is make $5 an hour when you could have a better job like my brother and make $25 + an hour." But no one listens. It's surprising that the more and more I look at people younger than me, the more and more I seem to notice none of them give a shit about their lives.

    Elementary Mexican kids on this late bus I ride home seem to be showing this. I told them to stop fighting on the bus and act like mature children, but one replied back with a "I rather be an immature child than a ****ing mature one." It seems like education has no effect on these kids. None of them care for their future, even at a young age. If they started to care more about their grades now, more than likely they would succeed in life.

    America sucks right now in the terms of education. At my school system, all the schools got a B rating, but the alternative school that branched off is a D. It's not mostly the teacher's fault, but the surprising amount of students who will simply not care for their future.

    However, there is times where teachers don't give a shit about helping students, and are there only to make what little money they can. For example, Mrs. Abromiatis (SP) failed 53 students in her English 9 class. She didn't get up at all to ask if anyone needed help, and overall her teaching sucked. She didn't teach most of the time, and expected us just to know how to do this. I tried to ask her if I could stay after for help, but all she did was gave excuses like: "My daughter is sick and I need to be with her" or "Sorry. I forgot I had an appointment today." A teacher who makes an appointment with you and cannot keep it doesn't deserve to be there.

    I've had a lot of trouble over the past 3 years of High School. I've had two teachers thus far that failed me, and didn't ask me for help, or I didn't ask them. I'm not trying to completely blame the teacher on my grades, because I have some part in not doing the work or asking for help. But sometimes I can't bring myself to ask for help, because these "teachers" have either been mean to me, or I consider them a waste if they will not get off their fat ass and actually get off the computer and come over to me.

    Teachers don't give two shits about their students. You have some that fail students because they don't like them. You have some who just surf the internet.

    Why do you think I'm dead set at saying teachers are shitty? Because time and time again, people who want to succeed are shot down by teachers who will not do their work. At my school, we are already having a complaint over a Staff Member of the school, perhaps a lazy ass teacher who only gives out F's.

    I can see why Japan is so high up in education. Not because they are geniuses, but mainly because of the fact that Japanese children are pushed by their mother and father to have them work and succeed. Unlike in America, where the average mother and father can give two shits about their children, and just care for themselves and their own greed to continuously purchase unneeded shit like video games, jewelery, electronics, etc.

    I'll end my wall of text here.

    Last time I checked, Sheik was Zelda.
    Sheik is a chick.

    *slaps self*

    Ok, if you had an ounce of magic in you and all you can do with it was to disguise yourself as the oppisite sex, you'd do it.

    Sheik is male, but mentally a female. Physical appearance states Sheik is male.

    Yet Ruto confirmed in the Water temple whether she was actually male, it's just to distract us from the fact that Sheik is honestly female. Otherwise, the plot would not have been nearly as interesting as it is now.

    SHEIK IS MALE! How many time must I repeat my ****ing self? He's a ****ing male!

    Quote from Cutflake who is just going to repeat himself

    But he's a she!

    Do you know in the world of Fantasy and Magic, THERE IS no limit to what the **** you can do? That means Zelda can magically acquire a damn ***** if she wanted to!

    Man Shrukan, I hadn't remembered what you look like, but you are pretty, and have great eyes. :)

    I really don't think I'm pretty. I'm pretty much fat on the sides of my waist and overall. Eh. My face is chunky. I have zits. Eh... :/ Maybe I'm self-centered, considering my friends like me for what I look like. >.< But all of my other male friends are so cute... :3

    In my opinion that was a very unwise decision, you have changed forums, very frquently, and no you have gone to something else that probably won't offer as much as what you had? Hmmm, Doesn't sound good to me.

    Look. I'm hosted with Zelda Oracles, which they say:


    - Unlimited Space - We have 600GB(600,000MB) of space, at one time all 10 hostees including me used 1GB, I give you 10, you'll have more than you need.
    - Unlimited Bandwidth - We have 6,000GB(6,000,000MB) to use up each month, so likely we'll never get to 1/3 of that per month.

    That and I wish not to get in the complete way of LOTT.

    Plus, people asked for me to revive what once was ZT. TriforceMaster3000 mentioned it to me, as well as my hoster, Henhouse.