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    I know I won't. I always practice on the Final Destination map. It's even and fair, unlike this >.>

    Yet always so bland. I'll take the Pokemon Stadium anyday, thanks.

    Anyways, today's update features Ike's Final Smash, Great Aether.

    There he goes...

    Wow, look at him go!

    Time for the big finish...

    Wow, look at that explosion!

    Quote from Dojo

    In multiplayer brawls, you can move freely as long as you aren’t the one who’s suffering the Final Smash.

    Ike is invincible during his Final Smash, so you can’t really meddle with him. But as for the people he’s finishing off...?

    Maybe you could add to their woes. Could this be a plan?

    Ike's Final Smash is indeed a pretty sight.

    Today's update is what is probably going to be one of my favorite stages.

    It's Norfair, Ridley's lair!

    Norfair is the location in Metroid where the enemy boss Ridley was. There was a lot of lava, and it seemed like a rather hot area.

    As you can imagine, the lava level will indeed rise and cover the platforms. It?s dangerous to touch it.

    That dangerous-to-the-touch lava comes flowing from a number of places, so be careful.

    Ack, everything's so hot!


    The tension rises. Yes.

    When the lava wave appears, a single safe area will also appear. If you can get in, you?ll be safe...but surely there will be quite a battle for that spot. Yet another bit of back and forth.

    Pool's closed!

    Wario, Diddy, and Yoshi await their inevitable doom while Samus relaxes inside the safe house.

    You can barely dodge the massive lava wave with a great jump, but it?s a little difficult. Besides, you KNOW you want to win the battle for that safe area.

    It's the Metroid arena we saw at the E For All event, now with better quality. I better hear the classic theme to Norfair in Brawl. xD


    I dunno but Im not really stoked for this SSB release...

    Why's that? :O

    BTW, today's update has a list of Lucas's *coughNess'scough* moveset.

    B: PK Freeze

    Similar to PK Flash, except it freezes now.

    > B: PK Fire

    It now fires sideways in the air.

    ^ B: PK Thunder

    Works exactly like Ness's attack does.

    v B: PSI Magnet

    Recovers what damage Lucas has gained during battle, but I also notice that he hasn't covered himself completely like Ness, so maybe projectiles can still work on him.


    I don't know, but here's something I do know, MA, we now have a Metal Gear AT as Part 1 of today's update.

    If Snake is going to be joining the brawl, then it should be fine to have someone else from the Metal Gear world join as an Assist Trophy, right?

    Frank Jaeger, the Gray Fox, appears!

    He approaches stealthily with lithe jumps, coming right in then slicing repeatedly. Awww! It makes you want to use him as a playable character. (He really needs to stop taunting us like that)

    You want beef? I'll f*** you up!

    He can also reflect projectiles.

    Gray Fox, who engaged in a grand battle to the death with Metal Gear REX... To think that he would reappear on Wii, and alongside Mario and Sonic at that!

    You never know what might happen in this world.

    This just raised Tails's chances as an AT big time.

    Here's Part 2 of today's update. Grabbing and Throwing

    Grab 'em when their guard is down....

    ...then toss them away! You can also chain your attacks with throws as well!

    So yeah, nothing new in the Part 2 area.


    Basically says it by itself. Just come up with a random compliment (whether it be hypothetical or what) and post it here.

    Here's an example:

    *User 1 posts with an avy of Knuckles*

    Knuckles could be an easy night guard, and that's why your avy owns big time.
    *User 2 posts this comment with a Wii avatar*

    The Wii is awesome, which means your avy is, too!
    *User 3 posts this with another avy*

    And it goes on from there. :P

    Start with mine, and then do it to others.

    Today's update shows the return of some old items previously available in the earlier installments. I'll list only four of them here.

    Fire Flower

    Set your enemies ablaze!

    Beam Sword

    This time around, it can reach pretty far.

    Home-Run Bat

    Everybody has a different stance for the bat this time.

    Party Ball

    Items pour out from the inside, but be careful when there isn't anything there!

    That's just to name a few. :P

    Today, we got a double update!

    First, we get a peek into what Fox's Adventure will be like, as his Arwing crashes into a jungle. Diddy eventually finds it, only for him to be snatched away. I'll let you see the rest.

    Second, we have new music. It's the Fire Emblem theme orchestrated in Latin. I personally like it, but not sure about you guys.

    Oh yeah, and I finally found a Brawl vid with Sonic's win theme playing for those who are curious, or just wanna see a real good fight:


    Well, if you didn't believe me about the character entrances before, then this ought to make you believe me.

    Today's update: On-Screen Appearances

    As the match begins, the characters enter the screen with signature moves!

    These fun appearances have been revived in Super Smash Bros. Brawl!

    Mario appears out of a pipe. It's pretty basic.

    Could that be warp magic? It's Ike!

    Pit comes riding in on light from the heavens.

    Snake's optical camouflage breaks up as he lands.

    There’s a three-second countdown before the match begins. And those are just a few of the fighters making their appearances.

    This is just in case you guys didn't see the YouTube vids yet. :P

    Sounds like a good idea for a thread. I'll give it a shot.

    Shrukan: While I admit that she can lose her top easily, she is a real respectful member and a great web mistress. Creating the forum we know as Eternal Hyrule wouldn't have been possible without her and Lord of the Twilight's agreement to merge forums. Great job, you two!

    Twistkill: A well respected and responsible member, but sometimes hard to understand, which makes it difficult to get a good point across. His understandings of how forums go has helped made this forum prosper well, and I hope that he continues his hard work on making this community strive.

    Captain Cutflake: While he does have a somewhat bad rep on the forums here, he really is a nice guy once you get to know him better. He becomes very respectful and will stop at nothing to get his point across during a discussion, an element that I do respect.

    I'll list more when I think of some other reasons. xD

    Today's update: Meta Knight's Final Smash, Galaxia Darkness

    He swings his cape and, if it connects with someone, the field is engulfed in darkness.

    BAM! He unleashes a mighty slash!

    The field is swallowed by darkness, and Meta Knight slices strongly through it. Enemies get launched helplessly. Talk about cool.

    But there is even more coolness to this move.

    Be careful when nearing Meta Knight performing this move....

    Because anyone near him get damaged as well.

    So, while this move?s initial attack range is relatively narrow, if you hit with it, most everyone suffers. Aim well and sally forth.

    Hm, seems like a drawback to playing as Meta Knight, since it has short range, but I guess it works well. Though, I can see it being difficult to land on someone.

    Halo 3 is rather amazing. Probably better than any Zelda game out there except for Majora's Mask and Ocarina Of Time.

    The online abilities are nearly perfect. Simply flawless. In all seriousness, I can't really complain about this magnificent game.

    Also, Halo DS has recently been confirmed.

    1. Tis your opinion.

    2. I wouldn't say they're perfect, but they are pretty good.

    3. It was confirmed to exist, yes, but it is no longer being developed, as the game was scrapped. Though, a playable version is available somewhere, it is still not available to the public, nor will it ever be.

    Today's update is the new Ice Climbers stage, The Summit.

    At first glance, it appears to be a normal glacial peak. But after you fight for a while...

    A pop! A crack! It?s breaking?!

    Th-the terrain is sliding downhill! O SNAPZ!

    It?s finally arrived at the sea. And with a splash, too!

    Hmm. Talk about hectic. And rumor has it, you can?t get careless once you?ve reached the sea.

    A fish leaps out of the water!

    I feel like I?ve seen that fish before somewhere... Where could it have been?

    Pay attention to Dedede in the last pic to see a new function within the game. SWIMMING