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    Nintendo Community, also referred to as NCommunity; is a new ZetaBoards forum looking for members. While NCommunity is a Nintendo forum, we also offer ZetaBoards scripts created by Viral Dragon, an administrator on NCommunity, Role Playing areas, general discussion forums, and a graphics school.

    Currently, we've reached almost 200 posts (193 at the time of posting this) just by being open two days! Come join us at Nintendo Community.

    This is going to be hard for me to do, since I'm not good at saying "Good Bye", much like making introductions.

    As that opening statement hints, It's time for me to pack my bags and move on. The past few months in terms of real life, and even my "life" on the forums, having been honestly rather hectic. Drama can easily be blamed for this decision, as well as a select few idiotic members and more. I don't use the internet for drama that I can easily get in real life, I use it to relax and chill with my friends. Another conflicting factor, time. Theres never enough time in the day, let alone a year, for me to get done what I want to do. School has taken a greater priority, along with my girlfriend, and my own website. Those that know me on a bit more of a personal level (as in I talk to you outside of the forums) probably know that I don't normally speak my mind, let alone take the time to type something up like this. But; every dog has it's day, as the saying goes; and since I'm leaving, what better chance to speak my mind?

    Let me start off first all by reconizing three individuals on these forums:

    LoTT: No offense to you, but I don't feel welcomed here. However, good luck with Forsaken Legend, as well as future projects.

    Tywar: One of the few individuals I can stand on these forums. You know you've earned my respect, and I hope, despite the fact that I'm leaving, I've earned; and will keep yours. Besides Shrukan, your probably the only one who knows the real deal with me, and I respect that fact that you've said nothing of it so far; as most people would take a shot at me with that the first chance they have. One of these days we'll have to catch up on MSN.

    Beta: I enjoyed working beside you as a moderator some time ago. While we have had limited contact, I can tell by your posting manners, as well as general treatment of others, that your a rather respectful person. Maybe one of these days; I'll find you and Tywar somewhere outside Forsaken Legend.

    I've never hated Forsaken Legend, don't get me wrong. It's just different from what I had come to known. So, for the final time:

    Good Bye, Forsaken Legend. Good luck.

    Nice to see you back; although I'll admit I'm a procrastinator when it comes to posting on ZU myself; I just stopped at 157 posts for one reason or another.

    While I do respect your choice; I'm sure we are all saddened by your decision. I wish you the best of luck in your future life outside of forums.

    Join and I'll make you an administrator on the forums. With that being said, I'll need members to join our forums now and post; and I would like to see someone step up to be the super moderator.

    Rock all the way. I'm more into the "Old School" stuff if you will, such as: Stone Temple Pilots, AC/DC, KISS, Guns N' Roses. There's just something that appeals to me more from back then versus the rock music being produced now.

    Well, here goes nothing.

    I've recently decided to make a gaming site called Videogame Access that offers Cheats, Reviews, Previews, Images, Videoes, and more about video game content. While the main site is still under construction, as well as the forums, I was hoping that people would be willing to be staff and speed up this process. Below are the positions I need:

    Forum Administrator (1)
    Forum Moderator (1; Super Moderator)
    Sony Article Expert(3)
    Microsoft Article Expert(3)
    Nintendo Article Expert(3)
    News Updaters(2)

    To clarify on Article Experts: You will be doing Previews, Reviews, and other articles on your specific gaming section.

    Now, to make sure I get good staff this run around; I will have to throw in some requirements:

    Must be 13+ in Age
    Good/Excellent Grammar & Spelling Skills
    Knowledge of any particular Gaming Section(if your applying for Article Expert, then you need to know about your particular Section)

    To apply; Simply tell me in this thread what your interested in, and we'll go from there. I'll update the thread as staff spots get filled.

    Myth(Super Moderator)
    Shadow(Nintendo Article Expert)


    Forums Now Open!

    If I heard correctly, those young men talking say that they were also aboard a ship. Perhaps I should go conversate with them to find out more.

    Aronath closed the book he was reading and left it on his chair, and then went over to the young men talking.

    "Hello Gentlemen. My name is Aronath Bahtra, who might you two be known as?"

    Aronath climbed up the stairway to his room and proceeded in after unlocking the door. While Aronath had a nice looking room; he did not seem to care.

    According to this map, I can proceed down the hallway and find another set of stairs; which lead to the Libary. Their also seems to be a Training Cavern on this map as well. Both of which, I may get some peace in. I shall go to the Libary first, then to the Training Caverns. It's been a long while since I've been this close to knowledge.

    With that, Aronath rested his gear on his bed, and went off with his map in hand. He had a few troubles in finding the Libary Stairwell, but he did evenually find it. Upon decesending down, he saw caught a glimps of the Libary.

    Quite the magnificant collection if I may say so myself. Perhaps I'll be here for longer than I imagened.

    Aronath folded up his map and placed it in his pocket, and then began to search for a book worth while reading, until he came across one called: "Beastary of The Lands".

    This may help me in my travels, should I encounter anything unwanted.

    And so Aronath then sat down, and began reading.

    ((Italics are Aronath's thoughts))

    "....Dear Heavens, What happened? I thought I was last on ship from Avalon to a mountain resort, and here I awake on the lonely sands of the shores of uncharted islands."

    Aronath rubbed his eyes, and put on his glasses so that he could clearly survery his surronding. Once looking around, Aronath realized that there was a resort higher up into the mountains, as well as a trail leading to it.

    Perhaps all is not lost, and perhaps what lies ahead is the resort. Only time shall tell.

    After a few minuets of climbing the mountainous trail, Aronath had reached the resort. And took it upon himself to head in.

    "Good day to you Miss. Might I be able to stay here a while?" said Aronath.

    "Of course, Sir. Did you by chance come by ship?" asked the Manager in reply.

    "Indeed I have." said Aronath.

    "Then your room is free, Sir. Here are your keys, as well as a map of the resort. Your room is Number 14 on the second floor." said the Manager

    "Very well, Thank You." said Aronath.

    And with that, Aronath went on his way.

    Some believe in New Year's Resolutions, some don't. For those that do, I'm curious to see what yours are. I'll get this thread off the ground with mine.

    I'd have to say that by far, Procrastination is my biggest problem. I procrastinate on doing school work, and stuff online be it websites, reports, ect. Sooner or later you'de figure this is going to come back to bite me in the rear end, of which I can easily say it did in my Middle School years.

    The solution? Simple: Focus on school. I guess it may have been my past experiences in school that prompted me to not care. Between phsyical abuse from peers and school work being a pain in the rear end. Although I'd have to say my current Freshman year is going rather good.

    Well, with that I'm done and someone else can take the spotlight.


    Alera: I was really stunned by your secret, and rather thought It was impossible. I've just completely discarded that truth because I can't seem to take it... But your really an awsome fellow. You know how to piss someone off, and make them laugh all at once. Also, you too can be perverted all at once =P

    Aww come on now, Jokes about cheap woman and late nights don't make me that perverted =P

    Shrukan: I forget how long it's been since I came across her on Zelda Universe, maybe thats why I've broken out of my shell and actually talk to people online now that I may not be so familiar with. Theres not a lot I can really say, being not so good with words; But ya'll get the general idea.

    Tywar: He's insane, rather perverted, and did I mention insane? Perhaps its that mix of insanity and pervertedness that brightens up my day. Either way while I may have not known Tywar long, He's a good fella, and most of the time has something positive to say.

    Twistkill: While we've had on and off events in terms of being friendly and against each other, I have a respect for Twistkill. He's one of those few people on the internet that actually uses the language of English, not 1337 speak or poor English. While his common usage of large words confuses the masses of our members, He always sticks within the rules. At least someone has the nuts to do things right here.

    Good Ol' Cap'n Cutflake: Sure I was a bit harsh to you in the past, but I think what your doing for these forums is great. The fact that your stepping up in the forums time of need, and saying the least, suceeding, is something that no matter who you are; You'll earn my respect for.

    That's really all I can do right now, or all I can think of =\