Skyward Sword HD

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    Do you guys believe that Nintendo is going to be releasing a copy of Skyward Sword HD on the Nintendo Switch with optional motion controls? Like the rumors suggest?

    If they do I hope they quickly port WW HD and TP HD to the Switch..... Then We will have a ton of enjoyable media to play.

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    I think people are jumping the gun so I rather wait before getting too excited. That said, I definitely would like for them to do a proper update to the motion controllers in the game. i think with the two joy-cons and HD rumble, they could definitely enhance the controllers to be closer to what they envisioned back in the days of the Wii. This could be the excuse I need to actually once and for all play this game from beginning to end.

    I definitely would like it of they brought the Twilight Princess and the Wind Waker HD games to the switch. It'd be fun having them on the go.

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    I want to jump the gun on this. I want it to be real. Nintendo has yet to release barely any of the games that ANYONE has loved since the early days.

    I can understand wanting to distance yourselves from the old successful games of the past to work on NEW exciting titles to keep us enthralled for years. BUT....

    I cannot justify them bogging us down with tons of garbage indie games. Some are alright...most are dumb.

    Or rereleasing ALL of the Wii U games BUT the primary ones we want (WWHD TPHD) Knowing that alot of us COULDNT(I did because I am not a bum :p) get those because they never had a Wii U. I guarantee a ton of people would happily pay 59.99 for a game that would be super easy to port over, and I guarantee it would take less than two months to modify, print to a cartridge and ship to stores.

    Or the fact that you have old shitty games that were Wii U titles 5 years ago getting a rerelease on the Switch for a whopping 59.99 and after a year, Nintendos greed will not allow the game to drop more in price. Just like the Black Friday deals. At most switch didnt have hardly any discounts.

    Nintendo is a big corporation we know this. They release stuff for money we know this. BUT Why in the hell are they going to release a Pokémon game, that WILL NOT WORK WITH A PRO CONTROLLER. I do not have child hands and the joycon and pokeball plus are uncomfortable. LOL. If I can do all the shrines in Zelda with my Pro COntroller.....Why can I not jiggle it to release a pokeball. When I have both Joycons on my switch and you are playing in Handheld mode....why can I use both joycons then but no Pro Controller in docked mode......And why must I when In docked mode stand up walk to my switch, and push the damn home button because there is no way to go home from the Pokeball plus.

    Dont get me wrong I LOVED Ocarina of Time. But Wind Waker was more of an adventure. And I guarantee If it is released on the Switch BEFORE the end of life of the console. I will have it beat within 3 days.

    Nintendo needs to focus on what the customers want instead of working on stuff we might not need.

    We want a compilation of old zelda titles.

    We want a secure and smooth Nintendo online interface WITH built in Voice Chat.

    Zelda, Pokemon, Mario, Animal Crossing are the primary reasons a majority of people are at Nintendo.....Its not for the AAA ports that everyone already has on their Xbox or PS (that look better on the other consoles) I own Wolfenstein, South Park the Stick of Truth, South Park the Fractured But Whole, Xenoverse 2, Skyrim etc on My Xbox and Switch and I prefer to play on my Xbox (because I get achievements...., and my 4k TV upscales on my Xbox One and they look great)

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    I cannot wait to read it. I do think that if the game relied less on Motion Controls and more on story progression and reasons to do so......I think the game would have been alot better.