We're participating on the Site Battle Madness 2019

  • Deja Vu! I can't believe it is already time to be making this thread again!

    A year ago I decided to enroll Zelda Community in a event held on in another community I have been part of for a long time called "ForumPromotion", which is a hub community for webmasters to come interact and find ways to help their communities. This event was a voting contest to help promote some communities. You can read how it was for us when we entered to the SBM 2018.

    Since it seems like typically Forums have better reception than websites, I decided one again to enter our lovely community. With the change of softwareand the tweaks that Link has been doing, I am confident we have something new to offer for people visiting us from Forum Promotion.

    The tournament has kicked with 32 websites. Divided in two groups. Each group will be divided with vote battles between two contestants. The one with more votes wins and pass to the next level of the tournament.

    As for Zelda Community, we are nested inside the second group, currently going as part of the First 32: battle #11 against the blog "Fireside Chat". I will update you guys on how we fare through the competition.

    How can you help?

    By joining Forum Promotion. Making 5 posts in their community and then heading straight to this poll:
    Battle #11: Zelda Community vs. The Fireside Chats

    and voting for us!

    As with anything, there are some rules, here are the ones that I think concerns you guys if you'd like to help us out by joining Forum Promotion!

    • Members do not need to give a reason why they voted a particular way,
      nor do they need to publicly declare who they voted for.
    • You may NOT create multiple accounts.
    • All members MUST have five (5) posts before voting in a poll.

    So basically, if you guys make sure your account has 5 posts BEFORE trying to vote and you don't try to cheat the system with multiple accounts, we should be alright. If you participated last year, you are probably already with enough posts to participate. :/
    If you are not sure where to post, I'd say go to try first to create a thread in "New to FP?"  and introduce yourself. Then for the other 4 posts you can head to intelectual talk as it is their general talk section. Forum games don't increase your post count. And suince you are tehre feel free to check the other sites and vote or explore the community.

    Thank you for considering and participating. Hopefully we can have some fun with this.

    This first battle is already tough, and it is against a blog from a very nice member. I meant what I said in the thread. It is pretty cool to coincide with her for our first encounter.