• I appreciate the concern, Claraviolet. I know you don't want to see the community die and I am grateful for that. :3

    With that being said, I don't think we will be removing the feature. Our chatbox is special, and Link worked in providing us this feature. This chat is connected with a channel in our discord group. This means it is offering us a rare window for people who are not one either community to interact with each other, which I feel has been working nicely.

    I am sure you have your own experiences to indicate you that chatbox cause decrease of activity in forums. I am not saying this to minimize your own experiences but to explain my own view. Personally, I've had more of a mixed experience. I've seen forums losing engagement because of them, I've seen forums having more activity too. I've seen forums that actually go dead after killing off the chatbox because the chatbox was the last thing keeping people visiting.

    If people are spending more time in the chatbox than the community I think that is more a signal that the forum itself is not being compelling enough and it fall on us as staff to wake up try to make more threads and make the community engaging taking advantage of the members that are visiting. Depriving the community from things they like and expecting them to post more doesn't work well unless the community itself feels fine with the compromise.

    The chatbox is a tool, so we can it to our advantage if we point to interesting things going on the community too. While I am not considering at time taking away the chatbox I am definitely taking your concern on board and I will try to come up with ways to use it more in favor of the community, like linking to important news and spark conversation on the latest happenings.

    With all being said, I definitely would love to hear the opinion of the rest of the community. I am open to hear opinions and it would be nice to have a better idea of where does the community stand regarding this.

  • It's cool and as long as it's what everyone wants, then it's all good.

    It's just some random feedback from me :P