The Legend of Zelda II: The Aventure of Link (AOL)

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    Hated by many because of it's difficulty. I think it's pretty fun with the spells and experience points and the leveling up aqnd stuff. Discuss!

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  • IT'S TOO HARD!!!

    I haven't beat it yet, but I know I'll think it was way too hard. Does your max HP even go up except for when you find a Heart Container? And the extra lives dissapear after you get them... It's just hard in so many ways...

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  • ive beaten all of the zeldas that are currently out (in america) and this was by far the hardest. i had to beat it though so id have all of them beat before TP came out.
    hey at least on VC with it you can suspend and keep your exp and all that.

  • Quote from spiff

    I don't see why every one thought this game was SOOOOOOOoooooooo hard. I found it as a nice challange compared with the easy games of the present.

    the WHOLE game isnt hard. its just some parts of it that are soooooooo long boring and ridiculusly difficult*glares at death mountain*

  • Meh. It's alright, but it's a real letdown for a Zelda game. I can play it for at the most, a half hour, then I gotta stop. Still cool though. Ignore zeypherlink though, he's just being arrogant, the game as a whole isn't hard, but the level system is. Yes, this game has a level system like an RP game. And some enemies can get annoying because of how much defense they have. It's pretty cool for a Zelda sidescroller though, much better than the two CD-i ones, hehe. I'd give it a 7/10 probably. I'd really love to see a NEW Zelda sidescroller with today's Zelda elements on DS or something, see how it works out this time around.

  • The idea isn't bad but I still haven't beat it XD
    I hate poes. They are demonic. Evil. I despise them.
    And when I get to The Great Palace I die lol I got to Thunderbird once and did fairly well and died XD I think he had 1/3 health left XD
    If I get past the rest of Death Mountain I have a low chance of getting to Thunderbird and even lower of beating it and then beating Dark Link (who I want to smash so bad...)

    edit: Not the member, the enemy ^^;

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  • I finished the game :D
    I do think it was intensly hard toward the end (and in some other parts) but most of it is really good. I would suggest it.

    I know some people who just can't figure out anything without me >_<
    I'm sure they would give up on this game in a second.
    And MM >_<

    But I wouldn't. I didn't and I beat them both ;)

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  • Getting around the second part of the game it gets hard. Get used to it XD What i love about this game is its music (palace theme which i can play on piano) and its level system. I loved it!

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