Wind Waker Wiimake? (rumor)

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    In Eiji Aonuma's Nintendo Power interview - in which he gave comments to the many games he's currently involved in - the game director and producer has expressed his wish to see a Wii port of the highly successful The Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker game for the GameCube.

    Since we're talking about a Nintendo bigwig here, there is a glimmer of hope for those who want to relive the epic game in their Wii Consoles, complete with Wiimote motions. Slap a budget price on it as well, and non-GameCube owners (who have Wiis) will have a grand time indeed. So how about it, Nintendo…r-Wiimake/pg/49/aid/96428

    Anyone want to see a Wind Waker Remake for the Wii? I mean not Phantom Hourglass, but like the Wind Waker on the Wii?

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    Hmm yeah. I know someone told me you could play Gamecube games on the Wii.

    Of course. It's almost like how the DS can play both DS games, and GBA games... or how Game Boy Advance could play GBA, and GBC/GB games. Kind of like that.

    As for older Nintendo games, what you need is a Wi-Fi Connector, and a working internet connection (you have to stick the WFC on a port in the back of your PC/laptop, and connect it via internet after installation... pretty simple process). Also, to play the VC games, you have to "buy" them with Wii Points... You can either get them from the Wii's internet catalog (called "Wii Shop Channel"), or you can get them at your local store. They cost $20 for 2000 points... 1000 points for Nintendo 64 games, 500-800 for games for Sega Genesis, Super Nintendo, Nintendo, etc. Great stuff. They don't have Super Smash Bros. for it yet, though. :(

    As for a Wind Waker remake, that would be AWESOME (awesome being an understatement). I would certainly go all out just to buy that!... Though, if it's just for Wii-remote purposes (as Twilight was released for GameCube, and Wii, with different functions for both versions), I may reconsider... but hey, WW is a great game. I wouldn't mind using the Wii Remote with it either, I suppose. Yeah. Guess we'll just have to wait and see.

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  • Alright. The Wii is backwards compatible with GCN games. It also has two memory card slots and four controller sots for GCN controllers.

    You can download games from currently five systems, ranging from NES, SNES, Genesis, Turbografx16, and N64. Soon, they will have MSX and I think Neo Geo games on the VC, as well as coming n 2008, ORIGINAL games downloadable from the Shop channel, meaning games that are probably older in terms of graphics and gameplay and such, to mimic the VC games(and to not waste a lot of space), but they will be totally new games, not older games.

    Nintendo has hinted at a TWW remake, but at this point, they have not said anything about making it yet. They are making a new Wii Zelda, but I'm pretty sure it's the TP sequel and not TWW remake. If they do remake TWW, it will probably be maybe a few years from now. Nintendo only said they would want to make one, they never said anything about when or if they are making one.

    If it IS remade for Wii, the only things you could expect from it that are new are the controls and possibly WiiConnect24 features. Also, if it does come, it will be same deal as Wii TP, with the game flipped, for right handed people. Other than this, same game.

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    If it IS remade for Wii, the only things you could expect from it that are new are the controls and possibly WiiConnect24 features. Also, if it does come, it will be same deal as Wii TP, with the game flipped, for right handed people. Other than this, same game.

    Took the words right out of my mouth.
    If they make anything related to WW on the Wii, it'll be a sequel no matter what.

  • I doubt anything related to TWW at all will be on the Wii. Nintendo has already stated that they are probably choosing to keep the cel shaded games(meaning TWW-related AND Four swords series) on their handhelds, with more realistic stuff on their consoles. Yep. And the way it's going now, I say go for it. Twilight Princess was killer, though could've been better, hit the mark on the Wii, at least in controls. PH for DS looks amazing, the graphics are, at least for cutscenes, just as good as TWW's. The controls themselves look amazing, and how positive the game itself is doing in Japan, I'd say Nintendo is making the right decisions and aren't disappointing.

  • I concur, a WW-MQ would be awesome cause for the most part the game was pretty easy. I also heard that they could be adding new things to it content wise and integrate some new ideas they didnt get to put into TWW on the GC.

  • who cares, if your a real Zelda fan you'll buy it regardless... I will, and i dont even have a wii.

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    I didn't say I wouldn't buy it... All if freakin said was that a TWW remake is not confirmed, just wanted.

    Wow someones grumpy, chill out dude, all your posts are yelling. Obviously someone forgot to take there happy pills. Besides everyone knows that all Zelda fans will complain enough to get it made. the Idea has been made, now its just the game that were all waiting on.

  • yeah i agree there was no need for that language XD

    i think that it would be a decent idea to do not so much a re make but a sequal to wind waker

  • Hey dude chill out, no need to get angry. Sorry that you have a short temper but you should try to relax while posting...

  • It might be alright now that i think on it, but how could it be that different? Its a pretty recent game compared to OoT and MM. Or aLttP