MM What was the toughest Temple?

  • Mail-sorting was a mini-game by the way, but I think MM had slightly more than WW did. Maybe the WW sidequests were longer and more extensive, but I think MM had the most considerable ammount of sidequests in any Zelda game to date. One of the game's prime themes is the emphasis on sidequests so.

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    No not even close to the amount Windwaker has, Windwaker has many many many sidequests.... to name a few

    theres the ten part Pictobox quest. Catching thief girl, Saving the Dying trees, collecting the figurines, slaying the big octos, releasing all the fairies, getting all the map pieces, finding the treasure, releasing tingle (Required), mail sorting.... Point is, theres a lot.

    TWW has a lot, but MM has more. I'd show you, but I'm lazy.

    Just think of the many masks you have to collect, and the bomber's notebook, as well as heart pieces. MM has more, and TWW doesn't, sorry.

  • The mail sorting was not only a minigame, but a sidequest because it leads to other things. I dont agree, MM has a lot because of the masks, but I'm positive that TWW has more.

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    anyways RDT.... Yeah Great bay was hard....

    I actualy found Great Bay really enjoyable

    This was probably because I loved being the zora
    Anyhow near the end of that temple, the puzzle with the coloured pipes and platforms. loved it
    This seemed like an easier version of the water temple which was nice

  • I personally found the Stone Tower Temple
    to be relatively challenging, in a certain way.
    Getting the entire dungeon upside-down was comparatively intense,
    in my opinion, at least. I was stuck at times as well, pretty frequently.

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    The one I had most trouble with was snowhead, then the less confuseing, stone tower. Meh...

    I thought snowhead was easy, i cleared it in a half hour, along with the Swamp Temple, Great bay posed a challenge, along with Stone Tower.

  • Great Bay Temple


    And mine is the Moon Dungeons. So annoying to go and rush through it for TFD (The Fierce Diety) :majora:

    And then not have enough time to go through the whole thing :| :majora:

  • after not playing Zelda for a long time and only a while back about 3 years ago I bought Zelda OoT 4 months before and had beaten it then got MM, and played through it felt like my Zelda instincs have all gone, and it made me unable to figure out the puzzles but in the end I figured it all out, got everything done... I really tried my hardest on the Moon Dongeons but everytime when I attempted them I fail to reach the goal, I found the Goron Rolling dongeon was the hardest coz you got to launch your self at minimum speeds and high speeds to make the correct landings, and trying to keep controle of the rolling and try not to fall off the edge as you loose controle of the joystick.

    I did find Zora dongeon rather easy but was difficult coz you dont know where your going to end up, especialy when your trying to get the Heart pieces near the end, by taking the right route in the pipes.

  • The moon dungeons were actually fairly easy for me, and to my surprise, the Great Bay Temple was extremely easy. The hardest one for me would probably be Snowhead.

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