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    im reeeeeeallly sorry, i know you all like Wind Waker but i really did not like that game

    I was so used to OoT and MM and that game was so different
    It started out really good, but once you had to get the Triforce pieces i really did not like it


    I love it, but start to get bored when you have to find the Triforce pieces in the sea. I found that part a bit boring.

    OoT FTW.

    The soundtrack is awesome. Every song. The fan remixes of them are also amazing. I especially like Gerudo Valley and the Bolero of Fire.

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    I loved this game, i kinda stopped playing it half way through.

    Same here. I have no idea why. I think I lost interest, then when I got back to play the game I forgot where I was and decided to start again. I think I only spent an hour on it and then decided to have a break. Next day, I forgot what I was doing.

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    How did Sony buy Microsoft so suddenly? XD

    Eh, Sony's flavor with me died when my PS2 died. That and its lack of interesting games (except for Katamari and Okami, wouldn't mind trying them out) I blame our young age and poor console care for the death of our PS2, though.

    Same here. I kinda lost interest in Sony Playstation when PS3 was released.

    360 and the Wii all the way. Nintendo Wii is my favourite of course. n_n

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    the cucco's whats better than a animal that can't die?

    Haha!!! I love cutting this Cuccos up!

    I'd have to say Dark Link. Dark Link was awesome, although was boring to fight in OoT if you had the right weapons.

    At first I thought that OoT had the best ending, but now reading the previous posts, I've been influenced to say Majora's Mask. As said, it was the most original and it was nice to see what happened in that storybook the Granny told you happen. :P

    Now to think of it; I would say OoT though as well, because of the journey Link went through. Finishing the game after realising what you've accomplished truly makes OoT an awesome ending. Plus the remixed music at the end is funky.

    Everyone usually has a typical moment in one of the Zelda games which is their favourite. Personally my favourite part in OoT is when Link gets turned into an Adult.

    In MM it has to be the Pirate's Fortress, when you have to sneak around. I love going undercover and hiding from the enemy. Also the Ancient Castle boss was pretty cool. And of course Kafei's Quest.

    What's your favourite moments in the Zelda games?

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    But really... Tingle for his "Mr. Fairy" s*** and Kaepora Gaebora for not letting me skip his text! D:<

    The same here... although I've grown to like Tingle a bit. Having to wait for Kaepora Gaebora to finish speaking was boring.

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    I think that is probably one of the main reasons this game is everyones personal favorite

    Yeah. OoT me into the Zelda series, and it was a great game to get anyone interested. I prefer OoT to TP. I didn't really like the wolf thing. It was something different, but I didn't like it. I also preferred OoT's storyline and challenges. TP was good; I particularly enjoyed the last battle. It was a bit reminiscent in parts. I wanted TP to have something more differences to make it more unique to OoT.

    That's what I thought as well. That is a shame.:( I wonder if you went into the suit you'd become Samus again? Its a bit silly, because as soon as you become Zero-suit Samus you can't become Samus again, and what happens if Zero-Suit Samus picks up the smash ball, eh? So many questions...