What were your impressions of the first LoZ?

  • The first ever Zelda game I played was A Link to the Past. Although I never did finish it at the time (I was 8 0.o), I still loved the gameplay. After a while OoT got released and well, I was amazed. I had never played something like it before.

    I was really curious about the other Zelda games so I started playing the first one on the NES. To be honest, I was quite disappointed with it. Even now I still haven't finished it. The game was great for it's time, but it feels outdated now IMO.

    Do you have the same feeling? (I think this only applies to the members that played OoT or a latter Zelda game than the first one)

  • For a time, yes, the old SNES and NES are outdated, although some still consider them to be the best. The real best was the N64 ones, for their puzzle remakes and their difficulty. Nintendy has seemed to go back to their NES/SNES phase because the games now are too easy, besides PH, imo.

  • Well, the first LoZ wasn't really made greatly in detail, so most features we're accustomed to in the current Zelda games are not available here (like the hookshot for example). Going back to playing the first game can be painful because so many new features were added to the Zelda franchise that the NES game makes us want to crack someone's skull open.

  • I still find LoZ to be one of classics. I've beaten it three times and I love it. This may only be because its the only game my dad will play with me. XP
    It has great puzzles and is challenging, so I find it to be a normal Zelda with gritty graphics. I love it!

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  • I believe my first Zelda game was the Legend of Zelda 1986 game for NES. I was about 1 year old when I started playing vigi-games... (or younger, I can't remember...) My dad had the NES and I was playing Legend of Zelda and Mario Brothers. Ever since then, I was playing every Zelda Game there was. My dad bought me the Zelda II, and it was pretty fun. Not the best nor favorite in my opinion, but still a great Zelda Game.

    When SNES came around, that's when I started on A Link to the Past. By the age of 2, I was kicking butt and taking names. No one wasn't able to surpass me with the Zelda Series... !! Excuse me, I'm getting off topic... Sorry. !!

    My impressions were that it had great graphics (back in the day), and great music. I would just sit there and listen to the dungeon theme, and the overworld theme. I was only 1 years old, but still... It was awesome.

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  • Back in the eighties, gaming was still fantastic. With my first original titles being Legend Of Zelda, Excitebike and Megaman II, I wholeheartedly loved the system.

    Next to the SNES, it's personally my favourite one. I tend to play on it everyday, NES and SNES.

    Next to those my N64, followed by the all the Nintendo handhelds and other real consoles (NGC, Wii)

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