• How seriously do you take SEO? 13

    1. I pity the fool that doesn't obey SEO practices! (2) 15%
    2. I know SEO practices and I keep them in mind but I don't enforce them at all costs (4) 31%
    3. I know just a bit of SEO but I find it too complex or intimidating. (1) 8%
    4. SEO is lame. Do what you do, and let people find you. (1) 8%
    5. What the heck is SEO? (5) 38%

    I have been building up a desire to rant about Search Engine Optimization, as every time I pass through Admin-Promotion Communities there is always this feeling of paranoia when it comes to neglect SEO practices. SEO seems to be followed with religious devotion, with people thinking that if you don't follow each step you will be condemned to forever be past the page 10 of Google Results. This is because many new webmasters seems to not really understand the reasoning behind the "rules" of SEO and just parrot them and panic about it.

    Let's not forget that they are just guidelines created to help you avoid common mistakes and become more likely to have Google and other SE accept you as reliable source when other people search for your keywords. SE what will always care about the most is how reliable you are. Do you update often? Do you have a good amount of relevant content? Or are you dodgy? Do you have old information, which might be outdated?
    Those are the pillars of SEO. Those are the things you should care about above worrying if one members puts an external link or if a members shares a text or something already shared somewhere else (OH NOEZ!! DUPLICATED CONTENT!!). Do you think SE give a darn if once in awhile you have external Links? Specially relevant Links? No! It is actually a sign of a genuine site and not a dodgy one for SE to find a few references here and there with other places. If you're linked to active places that SE have qualified as reliable it will take external links to be a good chunk of what you offer for them to flag your site down.

    SEO is mostly conceived observing and analysing how Google and other engines were able to bring relevant information and places for their results and then mimicking those practices to bump the results. Many looking to make a profit and having parked domains with pages full of adverts, malicious codes and links to more of their spam.
    "Oh, so Google likes first level urls? I'll make my sites using dot.tk. Likes I link to other places? I'll make my page just be a collection of Links to my other collection of links and adverts. "
    - Google althgoritm becomes more strict, TK domain gets less credibility, excessive links to other sites get punished. Lack of proper text content get punished. -
    "Alright. No worries. I'll keep all under the umbrella of my own site. I'll create a random imprehensible wall of text with my relevant keyworks to fool Google and I'll buy a TDL now that are accessible."

    This is the reason the algorithm and advice has and will keep changing. SE have to adjust their parameters so they can give relevant results and outsmart the Black-Hat webmasters so their dodgy sites don't make it. It is a never ending war, meanwhile the SEO advice becomes more complicated and precise with each year.

    I am not devaluing the inherent value of having good practices for SEO purposes. It is good to know what common mistakes you can avoid, like having a long unrelated address, copying and pasting most of an article in other websites, missing the opportunity to redact your articles with keywords that will help people find you, etc.

    So, sure emulate the good practices that big websites adhere to that seems to please SE, just don't think that the SEO guidelines is all you need to reach the first place. First and foremost have a good amount of unique and up-to-date content and keep updating often. Even if you don't know or follow every single step you can get to first page by being a genuine website or community that many people favour and likes to check often. By doing that you are already using relevant keywords and practices that helps your SEO.

  • I guess I better vote for the one that is a direct quote from me. =P

    Here's my thinking: It's the job of a search engine to find things that people will be interested in. It is not the job of people who make interesting things to agonize over making those things attractive to search engines. When we over emphasize the importance of SEO, we give search engines more power than they ought to have.

    Don't get me wrong, I don't completely scorn SEO. A lot of SEO practices are really just good website design. And if you're actually trying to do business on the Internet, then making sure you show up when people search for you is gonna be important.

    But often I see folks getting antsy about SEO for things that have no profit motive whatsoever, like Zelda discussion forums, or personal blogs. It's kinda pathetic.

  • Well, we don't have that sort of advanced intelligence as of now.
    I have done an SEO course.
    So, we will have to make a forum SEO friendly to get high search engine ranks.

  • I'm they guy who voted for "What the heck is an SEO?"

    There's always one. :rolleyes:
    Just kidding man, this site explains it really nicely

    I guess I better vote for the one that is a direct quote from me. =P

    Glad you noticed. :lol:

    A lot of SEO practices are really just good website design.

    This! I agree with this. That is why I think it is very important to understand this. Good practices in web design is what makes the site stand out and those places usually deserve that spot because they are offering quality and are very popular on the topic they are covering.

    But often I see folks getting antsy about SEO for things that have no profit motive whatsoever, like Zelda discussion forums, or personal blogs.

    I can of understand trying to be noticed even if not for profit but I agree some people taker it way too far with their stress over it. Which is what moved me to make this rant in the first place.

    Well, we don't have that sort of advanced intelligence as of now.

    What do you mean? What advanced intelligence?

    I have done an SEO course. So, we will have to make a forum SEO friendly to get high search engine ranks.

    It is always good to practice what you learn.
    Just don't let the stress get to you and take decisions your member base don't like just for the sake of SEO. Having members enjoying and recommending the place is more important, in my opinion.

  • SEO is needed for all websites to get any sort of attention and bring traffic to your website. If there were a bunch of pages that were talking about a walkthrough for a Legend of Zelda game but the page was actually a walkthrough for Final Fantasy in disguise, how many people do you think are going to jump ship? How about if it DID talk about a Zelda games but was so pourly speled taht u cannut raed eet or ondurstahnd it?

    You want to hit the #1 spot on Google because more than likely a person will hit the first link they see and no other. When I had Zelda Sanctuary, I ranked #1 for Wind Waker Hd Tingle Statues because the page was dedicated to it and I had mentioned the keywords several times in the page. No one is going to find your lage if your page is going to have no keywords associated with it.

    Case in point, I get 100 views daily on Naevorlis and not for the name itself, but for the words "high fantasy" and "webcomic". Naevorlis is a word I made up that was originally Novalis so the word "nova". No one is going to search Naevorlis out of randomness because it is a HARDLY USED SEARCH TERM BECAUSE IT ISN'T A REAL WORD. THUS I have to add webcomic and high fantasy to get ANY search traffic instead of relying 100% on referral traffic. I DO NOT have the time to spend every day advertising my webcomic so SEO helps me where I could get SOMEONE to notice Naevorlis if I ranked higher on "high fantasy webcomic" or just "webcomic".

    I know a LITTLE SEO and try to apply it, but not EVERY PAGE on Naevorlis is going to be #1 nor do I want it to be. I want the main page and the archive page to at least cover that!

  • Google doesn't know the inner meaning for some keywords.
    Sometimes you do experience it first hand. When you are trying to find something, it will show you some stupid results.
    This happens a lot when you trying to find stuff that are in other languages.
    Google is not intelligent but by using semantic web concepts, we might come across a more friendly search engine, in that future.

  • After all these years of owning and running sites and I've still somewhat unsure of how to take advantage of search engines properly and whether or not I'm actually doing SEO properly. To be fair, half the time, I just don't care about it as much as other factors.


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