Graphics to help promote Zelda Cavern

  • This thread is where we will be displaying different buttons, banners and more that you can freely take to spread the word of Zelda Cavern.
    Feel free to provide your own creations if you like.

    [INDENT]These ones are great for a small, not very intrusive plug in a website or signature.[/INDENT]



    Forum Signature Banners:
    [INDENT]These are normal banners. if you don't use a banner in other forums, you can use these ones instead.[/INDENT]





    I made this one in order to have something. I apologise as the logo was scaled directly and the writing may be hard to read. :XD:







    Thank you very much for your support! <3

  • Well we don't have a color printer and I don't have the money to go the library or anything but of my 2 friends one will join I'm almost sure of it. He has friends and family that are into forums as well. Me I'm like the dissappointment of my family because I go to forums. >_<

    that was a jk fyi :O I am actually supposed to be making a forum for my family :) they just never go to them. That and their not zelda fans and the ones that are can't read :O

  • zelda.cavern.forums1.gif
    Here's a banner ad that I threw together it's totally garbage cause I haven't worked the dimensions right yet, so give me a moment or to while I edit it fitting it to the proper dimensions.

    EDIT: Alright the good dimensions are 650x150 in px try it out in html and tell me what the mods think. I run a few websites most of them are for my family so no ads, but I am in the middle of writing/producing some junk with some friends and we'll be sure to put this on our site :)

  • Wow, pretty cool @Edward_Stryfe But the flickering is giving me a seizure haha.

    Other than that, I suppose I could run around and shoot out my advertisements here and there and we'll see what would happen you know? It takes a while for a website to get popular. I specifically don't mind trying to work hard at trying to get this place working and well known ^-^

  • Here are some old things I found.

    Here is Kaynil's old staff image for Zelda Cavern. Look at how cute it is.


    This banner is from Zelda Community back in 2007. Its old.. LOL


    A forum banner from 06-07



    Our old splash image from April of 2006



    An old affiliate logo.......



    An old logo for an old Zelda Cavern theme.



    An old Zelda Cavern layout



    Badass look at the current layout of Zelda Cavern (was the original V9 layout)


    This gif was jacked up just imagine the colors looked right. This is what the old v9 used to look like.


    Another header for another old theme.

  • Looks pretty nice in my opinion, I have to say who every drew most of this was extremely talented. I can only draw on paper with either a pen or pencil.. anything else my artwork is just derpy.

    You are right! Anyways, look, how pretty it is!

    "The days are quiet beautiful, the difference is- past days can't be forgotten, future days can't be avoided".

  • Those are awesome finds! Some memories there.
    I think that avatar is from the Forsaken Fortress days, haha.

    Defintely we can use some of those banners to advertise.

    It's a definatly good idea to use them! For nostalgia purposes....

    You are right! Anyways, look, how pretty it is!

    "The days are quiet beautiful, the difference is- past days can't be forgotten, future days can't be avoided".

    I know right! :3333

  • Starting November - so today :lol:- I will start requesting some advertising spots in promotion communities. I made this banner to use in conjunction to the ones listed.
    Feel free to use it too if you like it in other forums. Just make sure they allow signature advertising first. :)

  • Hmmm I wonder what I can do in this regard

    You can help in differents way, for example, you're free to create more graphics members can use if they like in other forums, blogs, webs, etc.
    Or you can help spread the voice through your social networks. No one needs to do anything ridiculously big, any little thing helps. Like spamming gaia online with our url. Really.

    But in all seriously, if you have any ideas, let us know!