Masterpieces of Anime


    I'll just laugh.

    there's a few others I really liked. Cowboy Bebop is solid, Kill la Kill if you're searching for satire humor it handles it really good. Hyoka is great too.

    Iunno putting something like absolutely the best is a big deal. I like all of these but I'm not sure, it's so subjective.

    I'm not getting old, I'm killing myself before I hit my 30s

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  • Kill la Kill for perverted but entertaining humor.

    Bleach for action and we'll thought story line.

    Full Metal Alchemist for extremely well thorough plot twists.

    And last but not least.

    Sword art Online for action and romance.


    Threatening other people because of different opinions is just plan wrong. Fairy Tail is not even that good at all.

  • I have the slight feeling TIO might like Fairy tale... :lol:

    I agree it is subjective but those out of the ordinary you feel have contributed to raise the bar I think are worth mentioning.
    Also, don't get so catch up on series, there are also one shot movies and stuff that can be discussed here, like some of Hayao Miyazaki's works.

  • The only anime I'll ever personally label as a "masterpiece" (as of right now, might change in the future) is Monster by Naoki Urasawa. It doesn't necessarily mean I enjoyed it the most, there are definitely more enjoyable things. It's like comparing Mozart, Beethoven, Bach, etc. etc. to current day musicians. You know the aforementioned produced masterpieces, but you'd probably enjoy listening to your favorite "current day" band more. Or you could be like me and youtube classical music and put it on repeat... yup...

    Most enjoyment from an anime probably came from Hunter x Hunter. I don't remember a single instance in the show where I was like "Wow this is super boring, when will the fun happen?" It was really well paced throughout, had extremely likable characters, and they ACTUALLY HAD CONSEQUENCES FOR THEIR ACTIONS. REAL. GRITTY. CONSEQUENCES. MMMMMMMMMMMM. TASTY. DELICIOUS. UGH. YES. YESSSSSSSSS. Sorry, it's a pique of mine. I hate when characters get away with everything scott-free. Another scintillating anime for consequences being delivered is Full Metal Alchemist (Brotherhood or the "original" FMA). It appeases me so.

    Best romance was, in my opinion, from Fruits Basket, My Little Monster, or Nana. They're messy and complicated, but deliciously beautiful in the way that love is. To be fair, Fruits Basket doesn't get terribly deep in the anime but the manga goes pretty far and it's so. Freaking. Heartbreaking. My Little Monster and Nana edge along the darker sides of love. Jealousy, possessiveness, cheating, lying. Nana is a bit more on the mature side, however. I think it's technically in the "josei" category of anime/manga (instead of shoujo). Josei are specifically geared towards older teen and adult women.

    Most entertaining anime, as far as laughs and quirkiness go, are Arakawa Under The Bridge and Nichijou. I freaking love these shows with such a passion. They're amazing to watch. Nichijou is pure hilarity, but Arakawa tugged on my heartstrings as well as being quirky and hilarious. I can't recommend them enough if you want to smile and get some laughs out.

    For creepy and fucked up factor, I turn to Madoka Magica. It plays on a whole slew of tropes and just freaking messes your feelings up. To be fair, I don't delve into the "creepy" or "gory" or "just plain fucked up" categories very often. There are probably more intense shows out there. But this one definitely takes the cake out of the shows I've watched (although, Monster is also fucked up).

    My FAVORITE anime, however, is probably One Piece. That shit is my jam. I know it has faults. I know it, I see them, I don't care. I love One Piece. ONE PIECE FOREVARRRRRRRRRRR.