Dungeons and Dragons part deux

  • First Session: Wednesday January 6th, 6pm PST.


    Through skillful pampering of my fragile ego, @Aphelion has got me thinking about running a game. This isn't the sort of thing I'd approach my normal grognardy circles about, so I'm doing an open call to gauge interest. I'm currently thinking wednesday evening between 6 and 9 pm PST. (9 to 12 EST). That's subject to change, but I'd like to keep it to weekday evenings if possible.

    Setting is a mars colony. The dome city was barely finished when a rogue comet came out of nowhere and obliterated the earth, leaving those few survivors stranded on mars to descend into barbarism. But it's not all bad! Something about food grown in mars soil allowed us to discover magic, so that's neat!

    System is Lamentations of the Flame Princess, with the 'Magic Words' house rule. (No standard spell lists). Non-human classes are allowed, but they're mutations of humans rather thandistinct races.

    We'll use google hangouts to play, so you'll need a g+, and to install the addon.

  • Yeah, I'll do it. Although I hate Google+, I'll give everyone my account when I can. If something comes up, then I'll be sure to notify everyone, but as of now, I'm free during those times. @LinkSkywalker can message me on Steam about some details, since I've never played DnD before, so I'm going to need to know how this works.

  • I don't even know the Lamentations of the Flame Princess ruleset, I probably wont read anything about it, and will basically nag LS for all the information.

    The great thing about LotFP is that the rules are extremely simple. Character creation takes 5-10 minutes for the whole group. From sitting down to play will be about 15 minute. And you'll never need to know a rule, because I'll never ask you for a rule. You say "I wanna jump," and I tell you what happens.

    The game is distilled to its core essence. Any unnecessary mechanic has been dropped.

    Yeah, I'll do it.



    Although I hate Google+

    Google+ hates you too. You slut.


    I've never played DnD before, so I'm going to need to know how this works.

    There's really not much to know. A bunch of people sit together, the referee says "A man with three faces bumps into you and falls to the ground. He's screaming." Then one of the players says "I ask if he's alright." and then the referee says "He screams "KILL ME KILL ME"" and then one of the players says "I kill him." and then the referee says "You've unleashed the Demon Plague Sludge that lived inside of the person's skull, it oozes out his orifices and pools across the ground. Smoke begins to rise from the bottom of your shoes."

    etc. etc. etc. etc. etc.


    At this point I've got a hard yes and 2 soft yesses. So I'm setting the date for January 6th. It's probably easiest if we don't try and run the first session right in the middle of the holidays.

    Also, just so everybody knows what they're getting into, I run a high lethality game. Don't spend an hour writing a detailed character history, because your character has a pretty decent chance of ending up dead. Because plot protection is boring, and death is exciting.




    But if you're lucky, there might be treasure and friendship.


    Probably not though.