Is the 3DS overrated?

  • I think they're all important to Nintendo's history. So no it's not over-rated entirely. Partially maybe, the 3D function is barely used by most people. Personally, I use the 3D function.

    The 3DS has great exclusive titles and indie games. A portable system which allows the most appropriate platform for games like Animal Crossing and Fantasy Life to be on. It's full of those pick up and play for five minutes kind of games. So, they marketed it right, they put the right games on it and it killed in the handheld division. It wasn't solely luck on Nintendo's part. Some of it, yes, it was down to luck. Most of the credit it gets, is duly deserved.

    To compare it to the reception of the Wii and Wii U, is very hard to do. They're all respectively great systems in their own right. The Wii killed the market in its generation, once again some of it, yes, was luck. Not all of it was luck though. They fucked everything up with the Wii U, except the console itself. It now has enough exclusives already out, and coming out to justify a purchase, but it's way too late. The Wii U as a console in itself needs more credit, but Nintendo hopefully have learned their lesson about how to handle a 'next gen' system in the western market. In the case of marketing and reception, they deserve the lack of sales, because they fucked up. So it's underrated as a console, but not as a brand.

    So no, the 3DS is a great system, with fun games and nice features, so they did well and it deserves the praise.

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    Definitely the Wii U could do with some more popularity but it is kind of late for it. Everybody decided to talk on how it was dead even before it was out for a year. Nintendo didn't help things with the name and their marketing as many people just assumed it was a peripheral for the Wii or an upgrade like the the "new" 3DS was for the Nintendo 3DS.

    It also had to do with a lack of friendliness to port games from third parties and the apathy to give it a shot when they had other outlets more readily available. I don't mind another generation with the NNID and the Miis but I would love something completely differently in the console itself. Something that will not be a Wii Something.

    With all this said. I think Wii U in itself has been picking up and actually has done better in sales than what the media seems eager to make us believe they are.