Edward_Stryfe Tries A Livestream

  • So I'm going to attempt a livestream as a thing just to pass the time. It's going to be from about 3am to 6am CST(-6:00) and I'm not exactly sure as to what I'm going to play if just one thing. It will probably be something like a flash game or GBA game. I'll let you guys decide what I play first though if you respond that is. I know this is an on-the-spot thing in the middle of the week and you guys have work and stuff. I just had that timeframe open since I usually sleep there :D but in all seriousness if no one shows up I'll give it a few more tries. But this is probably gonna be a one time thing. Unless you guys enjoy it and think i should continue. I don't plan on making a youtube channel and doing like regular let's plays or anything just a little community fluke here and there.

    **List of Games I Will Be Ready To Play**
    -Castlevania: Aria of Sorrow (GBA)
    -The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past (GBA)
    -Meat Boy (Flash)
    -Canabalt (Flash)
    -Super Dangerous Dungeons (Flash)
    -Metal Gear Solid (PS)*
    -Final Fantasy IX (PS)*
    -Marvel VS Capcom (PS)*
    -Chrono Trigger (PS)*
    **List End**

    Those are just the ones I have on hand, and since my computer is messed up I can't install the drivers for my capture card so I can only use emulators.

    (PS)* I have yet to see if my computer can handle the PS emulator reading the game off the CD while streaming with OBS so the PS titles may not work out.

  • [MEDIA=twitch]channel=edward_stryfe[/MEDIA]


    Come and watch while I play video games because admit it why not




    05 / 24 / 2016

    Legend of Zelda A Link to the Past (GBA)
    Meat Boy (FLASH)
    Canabalt (FLASH)
    Zelda Ocarina of Time (N64)
    Zelda Majora's Mask (N64)

  • Just got the following PS1 games. So I'm going to test them and add them to the list if they all work (they were free that's why I am skeptical)

    Spyro The Dragon
    Spyro The Dragon 2: Ripto's Rage
    Crash Bandicoot Warped (*2)

    And no that *2 does not mean the game is the second in the series they had two of them :D

  • Well if they work I'll definitely stream them and probably set it up so that you can watch a recording off my server or something. Because I'm using twitch and don't have a phone atm to confirm my YouTube acc. They're really good and even if the discs don't work I'll just download a ISO of them since I own the original copies now it's 100% legit.

  • Mkay just finished testing Spyro and both Crash bandicoots they all work testing sypro 2 now and it's looking good. But my PSx emulator is busted and I am having trouble so I'm not sure when I can do some recording of the gameplay. Edit some skipping and audio problems in spyro 2 and a cutscene I have to skip but gameplay looks fine with just some audio problems so looking good

  • You can embed directly your twitch video in the forum if you press the "video" icon. :hamster:
    I am sorry I have been out this fortnight so I missed this completely. I've subscribed to your twitch with notifications enabled so no matter the time I should get notified as it happens. 5am CST is 8pm AEST so hopefully no worries on my end.

  • Alright yes that's awesome, I'll see about doing one tomorrow morning(night) around that time. Any suggestions? And don't mention it when I have been doing them I've pretty much kept quiet cause I don't stream or record myself at all normally and I am hoping to use this as an exercise to work on my introverted-ness :P but alright I'll set it up for 5am CST :D .

  • Yeah I want to make it worth while at the very least. But I'm going to try to play something like Metal Gear Solid, or Zelda Majora's Mask or something in the 3D realm. Maybe Spyro or something, but I might do a flash game or something. It depends on how well my computer preforms, but I have been having problems with 3D engine games so It may end up being some flash games and a GBA game or two. I also need to setup the settings and everything, and for anyone who won't make it to the stream I'll try to record it and if I do I'll host it on my "server"(it's apache on my laptop) so the quality and speed may be low but the file if you just download it should be good.

    I'll add the embed video when I have my application all configured. I'm going to try to have the chat and webcam and game included. Also I was having some errors with the 3d games when it came to broadcasting because the software wouldn't record them so I'm going to see what I can do.

  • Mkay looooooooooooooooong day but got the stream embed for you guys I'll look into a chat embed but that's not really important I'll try to have one on the broadcast.

    Forgot I hadn't hit post, also, I added the chat to the broadcast so enjoy that you guys and I am going to make sure everything works in the morning (it's 12:30am ATM) so I need to get some sleep cause i have to watch kids and house sit and stream and etc tomorrow XDDDDDDD but for some reason my emulator won't stream PS1 games but I can get N64 games to work fairly well so I'll see how it shakes out and hopefully my alarm wakes me up :|

    UPDATE: So so so soooooooooo sorry ya'll I meant to wake up in time I swear but my alarm clock broke again I really really need to find myself a new one I feel like a genuine idiot sorry. It was a reaallly long day the days before and I hadn't gotten enough sleep on those days either so really sorry about that. I'm going to invest in a working alarm clock next time I try to do a stream.

  • I might attempt a 2 am CST stream of Doom, Command and Conquer Red Alert, and Meat Boy Flash. So show up tonight if you're interested. If you've converted over the times and you're there on time chances are something happened if I'm not live 1/2 hour late and probably can't do the stream.