What Movie did you Just See?

  • I went out to see John Wick 2 this weekend. A solid sequel. Loved the stuff set in Rome.

    It doesn't quite reach the same level as the original. The style and the world aren't quite as fresh as they were in the original, and the action of the film is much less visceral. But they do open up the world a bit, which is nice. I'd definitely recommend it, but the original is still better.

    Also, I think Lawrence Fishburn's character probably used to have a much smaller role, but then they cast Lawrence Fishburn, and expanded the role so they could hype the movie as some kind of Matrix reunion.

    I'm curious what we should expect from the next one. It seems like they're doing that annoying thing where they make a really good standalone movie, then tack a duology onto the end and call it a "trilogy."

  • The last movie I watched was the Intern, with @Sardonic Pickle Pickle.

    It started out pretty promising but the characters seemed so inconsistent, while I am glad the ending was not the obvious one I assumed in the first 10 minutes of the movie that doesn't make it any better. It gives you backstory details that never bothers to expand or explain so you just have to roll with it. For example, the character Jules complains about her mother but we never saw anything to warrant the opinion the protagonist has about her. Anyway will go with some spoilers from here on.

    I pretty think the movie lost it when Ben suggested they steal the computer, it felt so awkwardly out of character and like a shoehorned wacky funny adventure that most comedies with a bunch of teenagers have. I thought the Jules character was set up from beginning as a person that was too hard relying on herself and that as the movie goes she would learn to balance both looking for the well of a company and her own self-growth but the movie instead keeps making the point about how an excellently accomplished woman she is, as if you're supposed to admire her as someone too mature for her age when you saw her on a previous scene bitching about her mother, sending the email by mistake and instead of owning her error she expects her workers to fix the mistake for her hoping they can 'hack' into her mum's account. Ben, the old man that had been the voice of reason so far takes her apart to tell her there is one thing she can do, and no it wasn't apologizing or owning her msitake, this was when he goes with "We can steal the computer", since her mother was working they could seize it before she came from work.

    The movie starts with the company already in trouble because they are overworking in order to keep up with their own success and the founder being a stubborn about them handling things their own way, fair enough she needs to make sure she find the right CEO. Then you have her personal life and twist of the guy having an affair. Near the end of the film she has agreed with a CEO thinking it is the best for the company and her and she has confronted the guy about the cheating. progress! BOM! Last minute husband comes in says he is sorry so she cancels CEO, keeps him in and hopes the company and her marriage somehow won't collapse.

    I get it is a "feel good" movie but if I can't emphasise with the characters to root for them in some level I guess it just makes it harder for me to just take it for what it is and go with the flow. The movie is not a flop, it is entertaining but the character inconsistencies really frustrated me, hahah.

  • That's disappointing. The trailer does look kinda interesting, but it sounds like the writing is kinda all over the place.

    Give it a go if you like. It was on Netflix for me. Internetz seems to regard it as a good movie, even older people, so maybe I am just salty it didn't go the way I expected and I didn't enjoy it properly.

    I just watched Passengers with Chris Pratt and Jennifer Lawrence

    I just watched the trailer, it looks like a pretty interesting premise. I will check it out if I can.

  • Yesterday I watched both "Dredd" and "Judge Dredd." Because yeah.

    I've never had the time to get into the comics, but I've enjoyed the '95 film since I first saw it as a teenager. It's campy, and Rob Schneider ruins every single scene that he's in, but honestly I think it's pretty underrated. The costumes, set design, and special effects are are enjoyable. The plot is fine and the situations they put the characters into are fun. Aside from his annoying catchphrase, and his propensity for taking off his helmet, Stallone is actually pretty well cast as Dredd.

    Of course, Dredd is immensely better. I didn't actually like the movie much when I saw it in theatres back in 2012, possibly because I had to endure wearing 3D glasses. But upon second viewing, I really did enjoy it. Disappointing it won't get a sequel.

  • The other night I watched "Free Willy" for the first time since probably 1994 or so. I've kinda been on a kick of looking back at early 90s "Family" films lately.

    It didn't hold up as well as some of the others I've watched, but I enjoyed bits of it. The wife and I had a lot of fun guessing when they were using a real whale, vs. when they were using a prop whale. There were also CGI whales, but those were...not difficult to spot. x'D