Just finished

  • Just finished BotW, well the main story and most the shrines, side quests ect. Must say one of the better of the series. To me it was very interesting to play a Zelda with a nice RPG system with the many armors and durability.

    We all have a phantom, a "mirror image". It looks back at you each time you look into a mirror.

    Will yours consume you, or will you triumph in the light.


  • Holy sheet! @Phantom Link is back!

    Awesome to hear you finished the game, definitely there is a good chunk to talk about it.

    I am a slow walker so I am still not done with the game but what have I progressed so far has been fantastic, I am still not over the hype. The game manages to keep me enchanted. It is quite interesting the things they let go and things they retained to keep this as a Zelda game. It really has been a beautiful experience. I think the open world is really well done.

  • Yeah I finished too. Great game, still playing it now and I'll be playing it all year most likely, especially since the DLC comes out during this year. I love how I'm still discovering things after I've finished the main story and all the way up until the end, I was engrossed by the adventure. It was so enticing right the way through. Best game I've played in a long time and beats all Zeldas at their own game - HAH