The Steam forums

  • Do you agree with Valve's decision to limit the posting ability for the members of the Steam forums unless they have spent at least $5 on the Steam website? Personally, I think it is not a good decision because a person who is new to Steam might just want to ask the game developers on the Steam forums a question before buying their games. Why should we be forced to spend $5 before being able to post a message on the forums?

  • Steam already limits you a lot of what you can do until you add at least 5 bucks to your wallet to spend them in a game. I guess the limitations are in order to prevent bot accounts, dupe accounts, foul play in general, but I find it dumb to limit the community as that is basically a support point where new members can ask and learn the ropes. I think that closing this door is going to make many of those newcomers too frustrated to continue. Although to be fair I am just going by my own impression, I haven't really informed myself of this decision and the impact it has had so far.

  • You know, after a year I see the benefits of this. Now that more time has passed, there's certainly less trolling. Still a lot of trolling happening here and there, but... less of it. People use dummy accounts to act like a butt because they don't want to tarnish the reputation of their real account, or get it suspended.

  • I guess that makes sense. I haven't been much on the steam community like to understand how bad it gets.

    I still think if they only limited you to certain zones unless you added the five bucks would be better than just an overall ban unless you got 5 bucks. Though, if it works it might be best not to tweak it now that people got used to it, and I guess 5 bucks are not that big of a deal if you actually intend to use the platform to buy games.