Stuff I do when I'm not being lazy

  • OMG, you know, I've been incredibly lazy over the past while when it comes to traditional art.

    This is one of my oil paintings that I created quite some time ago (and I mean a long time ago lol):


    Maybe I'll actually get around to creating some new stuff in near future hehe.

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    This is really cool. I really like it. It might get look simple but you really know your textures. I hope you find an opportunity to take it again. If it is something you enjoy doing give yourself time to create.

    And please keep sharing with us<3

  • Hmm, I forget how many hours that painting took in total since it was quite a time ago, but not as simple as it looks. :) I'll take a guess at 6-8 hours. That particular one was a bit of an experiment and one of my first using oils. I've done some acrylic stuff too. One in particular that is sitting there unfinished that I really need to get off my ass and do. lol

    I used to paint a lot, mostly landscapes, but then I got busy with work (I'm a graphic designer) and had no time for traditional art. Nearly everything I've done over the past number of years has been on the computer. Mostly layout work. Every now and then I get to do something original in Illustrator, but only if the client is paying for the hours. People assume that graphic designers get to create their own artwork all the time, but we don't unless it's a logo or something... or perhaps a large company wants some unique icons. The odd occassion comes along where a client wants something 100% original and will pay for one of the designers to spend the time doing it. That's when I can let loose and have some fun with it, assuming I am the one who gets to do it haha.

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    I hope you squeeze some time to do something just for the fun of it among all the work commissions. =O

    I've never done landscapes but I am constantly taking pictures of things hoping to one day start to paint them, haha.

    Painting takes time and patience, I am hoping to regain some of my patience with it, as when I draw on paper I tend to make things a one day project and not touching them again and I want to change that so I can become more detailed.

    I think it is lovely you make landscapes, I hope you share more of your works. Also pretty cool you work as an art designer. I imagine to learn to do a fair quota took some trial and error but it is so important, I totally agree about the time and effort versus the price. Some are just not worth the stress.