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    Just recently, we were supposedly hacked or at least tricked into thinking we were hacked,

    Suspicious Users:


    My part was accidentally giving Tywar his new password on the shoutbox, which was a silly mistake, i am ashamed of that.

    However, i reset Tywar's Password and sent it to his email, however they were still acting suspicious.

    Any ideas on who was responsible.

    Forsaken Legend Fan-Fic Contest

    That's right boys and girls. Forsaken Legend is going to be holding it's first fan fiction contest. Pull out your pens and paper, dust of the typewriter, and prepare to use more than your WASD keys.

    The Rules

    As with any contest there have got to be some rules. The rules must be followed or you will be at risk of a sever tongue lashing if not disqualification. TThe rules are your manuscript must:

    be double spaced
    have your name in the upper lefthand corner
    have your Email address directly under your name (single spaced)
    not exceed ten page
    be typed in Courier or Courier New - 12 point font
    have margins - Top .75in, bottom .60in, sides, .5in

    Anyone thinks that I am going a bit overboard with these rules, tough. You try reading a pile of stories, each in a different font size, color, and spacing, and you'll see why I make a big deal about it. Keep in mind that tongue lashing, they can be quite harsh.

    Who Can Enter?

    Anyone can enter, heck, if you can throw your cat in a box with a typewriter and it can follow the rules then your cat can enter. There will be a prize awarded for the first place story.

    How they will be judged, and other things.

    The way your stories will be judged will be on a 24 point scale. The points will be distributed as follows:

    Originality 0-7
    Composition 0-6
    Description 0-4
    Grammar 0-3

    What? Yes, I said grammar. Writing isn't all subjective you know. There is an art to the rules as well. So, this might be a good time to talk to that girl (or the guy for those who insist on being PC) in your English class, you know, the one you have been dying to talk to and just didn't have the guts to, to help you with your grammar. I wouldn't suggest telling them it is to help you in a Legend of Zelda Fan Fiction Contest,. Let them have the impression that you are genuinely interested in the betterment of your self.

    You'll notice that the scale contains zeroes. It is theoretically possible that there could be a story so bad that it would rate a 0, but I doubt any of you are capable of such a thing. I expect above twenty from you all.

    Last thing, and this is paramount. Each story must contain an aged character Joro, and the opening line, "I watched the wood splinter." I don't care how you get them in. The first line could be description or dialogue, I don't care, just get it in.

    The Prize

    The prize will be your choice of one of three custom Zelda Themed T-shirts. You get the choice so that you aren't stuck with something you hate, but don't get used to it. Life is rarely fair. Most of the time it is cruel and abusive.

    How to Enter

    All entries must be sent to in the form of either a well formatted and neat email, or a microsoft word document. The final due date is Sept 15. Ready begin, and good luck.

    Last Note

    P.S. anyone comments on my grammar for this post and there will be "concequences and repercussions." I'm tired, hungry, and this is the second time I have posted this.

    We merged with Zelda Temple's Forum,

    I will install the Arcade very soon, all the games that we had before will be back.

    Welcome Beta!