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    Thanks everyone,

    Sorry for being off the forums and internet for that matter. My mother reckons i should get ready for school, with all my books and stuff, so i've been doing that.

    I've worked hard also to get some new features onto the site, let me list some of them.

    Swiftblade's Column, similar to that of the newsletter in Minish Cap.
    Book of Mudora, which contains all the Legends from the Flooding of Hyrule to the Creation.

    United Legend Network, a unity of Zelda Sites.

    And you guessed it, school is back.... and i am going to either hate it or love it, i hope i like it, but if i do, i won't be able to spend as much time here, but on weekends i will be able to ;)

    Thanks again everyone, if you have any questions you wish to ask me about my life, etc. don't hesitate.

    P.S: Midna, i'm glad i made your day that much happier :)


    I don't wish to be a mean... ruthless and uncaring administrator. I want to be one of those people, people can talk to about their personal problems etc.

    I mean i wish to help Midna out, as she's a really nice person at heart, which is what i believe.

    I just need to lighten up a bit, the only reason i changed the forum name was because i've been putting it off for quite some time, Eternal Hyrule just wasn't... Eternal Hyrule.

    Thanks for your positive comments Tywar.

    Thanks Tywar,

    I also truly feel that no one understands me... at all. I mean Zephyrlink was a disobedient, little pr*ck towards me and that made me laugh at his incompetence.

    I should stop being such an asshat.

    Oh Hey Killswitch :),

    I've been testing PHP and stuff for school project and it was all over the place, so i decided to do something with what's already there.

    1. The Person can configure a username and password via a config.php file
    2. The person can logon to the system
    3. If the Username and Password is correct, then it will show them the page they are authorized to access.

    4. If the username and password is incorrect, then it will return an error message.

    4a. If a person has forgotten their password, then they can retrieve it via a form, if they don't have access to the config file.

    It's only come into Stable version (My Teacher said it was stable enough, however i don't think so.) so they are many bugs.

    A Big flaw, is the input form, it would probably allow someone to execute malicious code, because it doesn't sanitize input.

    Thanks for popping by.

    I need to explain myself

    First off, my attitude towards everyone on this forum has been terrible, i believe i have been unfaithful towards my members, not treating them with enough care, welcoming them, saying hello every once in a while. Truth is i don't really talk that much, i mean i am quite shy in real life, and i shut myself away in my room and.. well my website is really the only thing that makes me happy, something i have to work on, to get away from real life with, because frankly real life in my opinnion is pure sh*t. Nothing ever works out for me, my school principal has something against me, my friends are nice at times, but then shun me because they are with their "real, interesting" friends.

    In four simple words, I'm sick of it.

    I'm not suicidal or anything, i would never kill myself or injure myself, although sitting in front of the computer and eating potato chips is surely going to do it for me.

    Secondly, i haven't been posting a lot, because well there isn't much to post about, since there isn't really much people here. It saddens me when i notice that my forums are going to the shit, it truly does, this forum is a part of me, my child, my creation, and to see it go down like a rollercoaster makes me sad inside.

    On the positive side of things, i am going back to school, which will hopefully change me, a bit.

    But i am requesting that members of this forum, reply with how i can improve myself and how they think i should act, and what i should do to the forums to make them a more inviting place to everyone.

    I am begging everyone, what's wrong with me, what do people hate about me... am i a complete and utter failure?.

    Please tell....

    P.S: The Truth you reveal may hurt, but i can accept it.

    Sorry that you didn't feel welcomed here Alera,

    I'm sorry if i seemed like an asshole throughout this forum, i need to treat people with more respect and lately i haven't been doing that at all.

    Sorry to everyone and especially you.

    Goodbye, i hope we'll meet again.

    Well it seems that the wider public opinnion of gay people is

    "All they do is have bum sex with each other and suck each others body parts"

    I think that for a fact they are incorrect, NOT all gays do that, it's just the only way they can have... well intercourse with each other.

    And if anyone is going to come back at me and say that's gross, well it's true.

    I'm not gay, but i feel sorry for the way that gay people are persecuted for the way they are, i'm sick of it, give them a chance.

    I Guess Gay people are just born that way, i mean most males without a father figure eventually turn out gay, because they are lacking the "Male" rolemodel that they need.

    When you mean flamboyant, you mean Carson Kressley-like right, he's pretty much "Can i Get down your pants???!!!" kind of gay, especially in the Queer Eye for the Straight Guy show, if anyone's heard of that. Some people are incessenantly gay.

    Is it just me or can you notice a gay person by the sound of their voice?.

    I think there was a game called "The Hobbit", i haven't played it, but my friend reckons it's quite a good game. A Movie, i mean Lord of the Rings has been done and done, so what's left. If it's a central movie based on the "Hobbits" then that would be fine, but any plots regarding the "Ring" would make it seem like a LOTR spin off.

    Should they be shunned or should they be accepted?

    I mean i have a few friends that are either gay or lesbian, and i don't care, they are easy to get along with and they don't try and come on to you, which is good.

    What are your opinnions on the Gay and Lesbian members of our world. I bet we at least one gay or lesbian member here.


    I did... but waiting on the line for half and hour is pretty annoying so i hung up.

    My mother knows how to fix stuff ;)

    I'm sure it's most likely just some eletrical contacts, as the rest of the controller works fine.

    I think Zelda Cavern's Administrators have messed around with their WHM (Web Hosting Manager) and stuffed up the entries for your site and all their hostees, as they are down too.

    Can you still access your FTP?

    Just recently my gamecube wavebird controller's analog stick (grey) stopped letting me go left or right, i can go up and down and stuff. I tried resetting the controller and stuff but it still doesn't work.

    I sure hope it's not stuffed, but if it was it wouldn't let me go up or down either. All the buttons work, and so does the C stick.

    Please help :)