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    Shrukan?s room was not the most expensive looking, but he didn?t mind. He took off his parka and placed it on the bed as he jumped onto the bed and rested a bit.

    He felt his stomach a bit, as he realized how much he has changed since the Plague attacked. His body went from being weak and fragile to something strong. His powers also changed, from being unpredictable and dangerous, to strong and controllable.

    He felt slightly cold, as the chimney in the room had not been lit. He stared at it for a second, and it instantly ignited. Satisfied, he continued to rest a bit.

    Prehaps tomorrow I should try to train again. I can?t be slacking off all the time. Not when he can be viewing me now or later.

    Shrukan sat up and walked over to the wall. He placed his swords on the wall so they would stand straight up.

    Rest is needed now.

    Shrukan walks up to the resort, wearing a light blue parka, which is zipped up fully. He is different than others, considering he was a Scalix, a dragon-human. His eyes were a soft blue, and his hair was a dark red color. His wings on his back were golden, as well as his club hard tail. Besides wearing the parka, he had warm dray gray pants, and two red tennis shoes with two yellow strips on the back on the shoes.

    "I'd like to rent a room for awhile." Shrukan said.

    The manager nodded and smiled. "You came from the ship no?" Shrukan nodded. "Then you don't have to pay. Those on the ship get free service."

    Hmm good. At least I don't have to pay. I'm almost dirt broke...

    "Your room is down the hall, about the 4th room on your right.

    "Thank you."


    Lord Of The Twilight: The mastermind behind Eternal Hyrule. His plans for the future are unbelievable, he's a person who doesn't speak much, but actually someone who tends to reach his goal in life. Man, you definitely earned my respect, buddy. Hopefully, I will have a great time working together with you in the near future. Support is on your way! I'll always be behind you.

    How quickly one forgets that it was I that revived Forsaken Legend. Ah well, no one takes into account I SAVED FORSAKEN LEGEND! IT WASN'T LOTT! Quit praising him like a damn god!


    Twistkill- I really enjoy him all the time, and I like his weird sense of humor. Even though his vocabulary is extensive, I still love him.

    Tywar- Also funny and silly. I like his attitude towards some parts, and he's one of the few members who still respects me and tries to hold me up. He tells me not to give up at times, and tells me to continue on, even if it's a long road ahead.

    Spiff- Mr. Crazy. Even though he's young, he's still funny and silly. Quite an enjoyable member to be around, with his happy-go-lucky attitude.

    Muigi- One of my first friends from another forum, along with Twistkill. Serious at times, but silly at others, I consider him sometimes better than me, for he is the one that tells me what I am doing right and what I am doing wrong. Somewhat like a teacher. Thanks for being with me.

    Noble Talon- Sure he hasn't posted a lot here, and he's practically unknown, but he's still a member. He makes me laugh at times with his non-sense, and he's a good person to hang out with... depending on the situation.

    I'll end this now. CC, all you've done since you got into power was saying everyone was wrong and not yourself. Don't be like ZU mods and spam when making topics, and overall just please stay on topic, even if you delete some so called "spam". Oh and if you ban me for saying this, go ahead. You just lost your community.


    If you did have a robotic body, pretty soon you'll still need repairs and such. I think a real life body that can feel is better than a fake.

    If you use Shrukan Caelestis, it's:

    Sugar Leatherheaven XD

    or use his original last name of Sulfura:

    Sugar Cheekstush


    Shrukan: You just didn't do that, did you?! ><##

    Avinash Sulfura:

    Lola Cheekstush

    Avinash: I'll murder you later. *covers face in embrassment*

    I copied this from, but this is funny XD:

    Follow the instructions to find your new name.

    Once you have your new name, post it and what you think of it

    1. Use the third letter of your first name to determine your new
    a = Chesty
    b = Fa ntasia
    c = Starr
    d = Diamond
    e = Montana
    f = Angel
    g = Sugar
    h = Mimi
    i = Lola
    j =Kitty
    k = Roxie
    l = Dallas
    m = Princess
    n = Heidi
    o = Bambi
    p = Bunny
    q = Brandy
    r = Sugar
    s = Candy
    t = Raquelle
    u = Sapphire
    v = Cinnamon
    w = Blaze
    x = Trixie
    y = Isis
    z = Jade

    2. Use the second letter of your last name to determine the first
    of your new last name:
    a = Leather
    b = Dream
    c = Sunny
    d = Deep
    e = Heaven
    f = Tight
    g = Shimmer
    h = Velvet
    i = Lusty
    j = Harley
    k = Passion
    l = Dazzle
    m = Dixon
    n = Spank
    o = Glitter
    p = Razor
    q = Meadow
    r = Glitz
    s = Sparkle
    t = Sweet
    u = Silver
    v = Tickle
    w = Cherry
    x = Hard
    y = Night
    z = Amber

    3. Use the third letter of your last name to determine the second
    half of your ne w last name:
    a = hooter
    b = horn
    c = tower
    d = fire
    e = thighs
    f = hips
    g = side
    h = jugs
    i = shock
    j = co-cker
    k = brook
    l = tush
    m = sizzle
    n = ridge
    o = kiss
    p = bomb
    q = cream
    r = thong
    s = heat
    t = whip
    u = cheeks
    v = rock
    w = hiney
    x = button
    y = lick
    z = juice

    Isis Glittertush. WTF XD

    He'd better give us some logic and common sense.

    It's his own language, and you don't have a right to bash it. Because you don't understand it, doesn't mean you need to exactly have to bash it till you get your way. What's the point of learning a language then. SR can teach you what the language is and how to translate that to English if you were "kind" enough to do it.

    So you are saying life is worthless? Go kill yourself now if that is what you think. You're life is worthless as you say.

    One's life is not worthless, even if we die out. At least we did something to help the future, by protecting this "end of the world" thing as you say.

    If we never existed, life would have died out awhile ago. :/