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    How and this?

    Before they advertise their websites, they should also allow us to advertise ZC in their website...

    Claraviolet Is it Lisa Gardner?

    I've also been reading "Axiom's End" by Lindsay Ellis, as I am a huge fan of hers. It's a good story, slightly clunky in places, but fun and thoughtful, and better than any other art I've seen from someone who built their reputation on being a critic.

    Not sure.

    In fact, it was a long time ago. At least 6 weeks or so and because of my office work, my head hurts. But I remember the story with great comedy and cool action. Those puns are really good.

    Claraviolet What sorta book is it? Usually 9-book series are either Fantasy or SciFi :P

    I've been reading Sam Delaney's Dhalgren, which is not very enjoyable at all. I kinda hate it, actually, but it makes me think, which I appreciate.

    It's an 800+ page behemoth about a city which has undergone some catastrophe, and is now cut off from the rest of the world in most ways. Like a miniature, localized apocalypse. The whole thing becomes gradually more disjointed as you go along and the protagonist goes crazy.

    It's a detective series of about 9 books.

    I forgot about the author but I will try to get more information about it

    No way!
    People are entitled to their opinions and it is quite normal we all don't enjoy the same things in the same way. My experiences have led me to feel fond about some anime, but that doesn't mean everyone should love it.

    All I really want is to be respected just like I will respect people's right to their own opinion. Haters that try to force you to adopt their views by intimidating, threatening you if I'd have a beef with them would be because their actions, not because they don't like something I like a lot.

    That's cool Kaynil.

    I don't believe in hating other people just because they don't like some anime

    Oh dear, that description kind of give me Gantz vibes. Probably AGK is nothing like Gantz. Haha.
    Either I'll get interested or I'll get turned off if they seem to be cheap deaths without support in the plot to justify them.

    This kind of reminded me of When they Cry. I only saw the first season because, Ntflix, but that was pretty weird. The episodes felt like alternate timelines and you were learning new things but basically seeing some of the characters dying or killing. I saw it recommended and on its day it had some memes under its belt, so I thought I'd add it to my bucket list, but yeah. I don't think I could recommend it you once I saw it.

    Have you watched Beastars? I think I'm going to try to watch that one since it seems to be polarizing.

    I haven't watched that one.

    If it's good, I will give it a try but I can't really watch too many tragedies in an anime.

    Sorry, I got dependent on the notifications reaching straight away so from my phone I didn't realize until I logged back in.

    How are you doing?

    I was sick of my throat during the last of July and some of this month. It was pretty weird. I was functional during the day but I got very though nights.
    I am fine now, and just so you don't worry. I tested negative on the Covid-19, so itw as just about resting, whenever I didn't have a shift.
    Windows 10 latest update kind of blocked my main computer. I am hoping I am just being dense and it is an easy fix.

    I see

    Well it's going to have you back here, Kaynil. I was worried about being the only active user here. Now, we can get back the activity here. Why don't you send newsletters?

    I appreciate the sites suggestions.

    I tried to google the anime and it would just show me little witch academy , so I guess it is the same one.
    I'll see what pops up in those websites if I try to search it directly and go from there.

    I should have checked for typos before posting.

    Kissanime,gogoanime are always the best options. Otherwise, you could try nyaa torrents as well

    Welp. That miiight be a problem for me to understand it without subtitles, hahaha.
    Hopefully in due time the subtitled version makes it to Australia.

    I hope so too

    It's a really good movie and the duration is also considerably less. Just 90 minutes or so.