Breath of the Wild through Toy-Con VR Goggles

  • Through Nintendo of America's Twitter, they announced quite a nice surprise: Mario Odyssey and Breath of the Wild are getting updates to support the Nintendo Toy-Con VR Googles from The Nintendo Labo VR Kit.

    The footage shows both games still in third person. It seems Mario's game is some extra missions, and Breath of the Wild seems like it is going to have a new option in the game settings you can tick to activate the VR mode. Now, before we get too excited, although there is a footnote saying "Prerendered cutscenes not compatible with VR" in the 50 second mark of the video as the Zelda footage begins, the video is still in third person and the warning just be that your VR won't work trying to watch this video footage. If that is the case, what we see is what we get and this will be theater mode and not a say, first person view through Link.

    I'll be happy to give it a go, so long don't have to keep the joycons in the console to play like the image in Nintendo's page of the kit. :P

  • Would be fun to mess around with Zelda and their new VR. I know it's mostly geared towards kids or young adults. I've heard people complain because they have to hold the goggles up to their eyes instead of have it strapped to their head. They should really fix that issue though I guess it's how it's designed where it has to be that way.

  • Yeah, according to reviews I read online, we will have to do like that kid and hold them ourselves and play with the joycons attached. I think Sardonic Pickle said to me that itw as like the Virtual Boy fiasco again, but I think at least the VB had a stand, so i could still better than holding it. :lol:

    A while ago I bought a cardboard goggles for my android because I was curious on the VR experience, well, I've dorkily used them to test the VR in Breath of the Wild. Because the viewing space gets severely reduced and because your visor will have magnifying glass, you'll find easy to notice the screen pixels, so the experience to me was pretty similar to what I imagine it'd be to play BotW if it had come for the 3DS: in terms of resolution and the three-dimensional effect.

    It is cool. I jumped from Death Mountain and the burning particles were jumping out towards my face. Landed on a patch of grass and saw some shimmering light which i didn't know what it was until I was basically running next to it, it was one of those Koroks you need to examinate. A lot of the detail was lost but the feeling of watching this like "on the theaters" was interesting.

  • If we had real googles it would be better. I do not wanna play with cardboard....

    I agree. I never was too fond of the cardboard idea when it comes to Nintendo Labo. They are mostly targeting kids and children with this concept so that much I realize. But it seems that the VR or Labo could easily be destroyed if it had any water damage. Just the whole idea seems like a cheap way to market the switch. Think about why they wouldn't use real material is what makes me think about it. Normally you would think they would set up some actual lasting material but card board is pretty cheap to make and even though it's targeting kids it seems like just a way they are trying to make a quick buck. I'm sure the kids love it though. As far as I'm concerned it seems quite interesting for the younger generation and I'm sure they enjoy it.

  • That looks ace! I would definitely be up for playing this in VR despite it being first or third person and losing any cut scenes. I just need to get my hands on a Nintendo switch lol. I love how all games are now moving over to VR compatibility, I guess that is the future of games now!