Breath of the Wild through Toy-Con VR Goggles

  • Through Nintendo of America's Twitter, they announced quite a nice surprise: Mario Odyssey and Breath of the Wild are getting updates to support the Nintendo Toy-Con VR Googles from The Nintendo Labo VR Kit.

    The footage shows both games still in third person. It seems Mario's game is some extra missions, and Breath of the Wild seems like it is going to have a new option in the game settings you can tick to activate the VR mode. Now, before we get too excited, although there is a footnote saying "Prerendered cutscenes not compatible with VR" in the 50 second mark of the video as the Zelda footage begins, the video is still in third person and the warning just be that your VR won't work trying to watch this video footage. If that is the case, what we see is what we get and this will be theater mode and not a say, first person view through Link.

    I'll be happy to give it a go, so long don't have to keep the joycons in the console to play like the image in Nintendo's page of the kit. :P