The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening/DX

  • I didnt like this game all that much

    mainly because of the fact it was so hard and I couldnt get very far

  • I loved it myself. It's currently my favorite game in the series. It was also my first Zelda game. I thought it had a rather interesting was the first to break from the "Zelda is kidnapped, Link, Save her!" thing they had in the first three games (and sorta brought back in OoT).

    Oh, and as for it being hard, I disagree quite completely. I thought the balance was quite off, but most of that was thanks to the Hookshot, which was too powerful, and made the game too easy. If you think this game's "hard", try the Oracles and tell me about "hard" after playing.

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  • Disliked it. I never got to the 3rd dungeon as I was confused on where to go. The game hardly has any direction and I found it hard to get into dungeons.

    This is certainly something the newer Zelda games lack horribly.

    Link's Awakening is by far the second greatest Legend Of Zelda game, next to Majora's Mask. I personally realize as well that it's very underrated in nearly every aspect, however...

    Nobody will ever hold your hand through the game, as in Ocarina of Time or Twilight Princess. This is commonly known for obviousness. You see, normally whenever you approach an NPC character in Ocarina of Time you'd get a total different reaction than in Link's awakening or in the Oracles.

    Usually in OoT it goes like this: "Gee, I wish someone could play me a song!" Which is relatively obvious compared to: "Man, these fellas, they're really irritating me!"

    There's an obvious gap between both statements. And that gap mainly consists of one word: Simplicity.

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