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    I like the Wii U so far. I don't regret getting one, but to be honest I have used more for friends get togethers than playing lone when it coems to their WiiU titles.
    There are some cool indie games available from the eShop but if you have Steam chances are you already know them or have bought them at better prices.
    I also like using the Wii U to watch Youtube videos through its browser. You can use the gamepad or have them directly in your screen.

    I so want to get Splatoon! ... but I'll have to wait. Idem for Hyrule Warriors.
    That said I am having tons of fun with The Smash game and Mario kart 8 when I can have other people to play with me.
    One player game I haven't really gotten many I can recall.

  • I personally don't own one yet but I think it's a great console. It's definitely been a step up from their previous consoles in my opinion and I love their games. I usually play Smash 4 on it and that's always a lot of fun. So far I just have the original Wii but I plan to get the Wii U sometime soon!

  • Im not a bif fan of the Wii u, for me it doesnt suit my gaming needs, I would prefer to use a playstation in my opinion. However on the wii U there are some pretty cool games like smash 4 which I love to play. However I dont think I will be getting one anytime soon.