Zelda Cavern Dungeons & Dragons

  • So, due to a variety of developments, I've currently found myself without any ongoing D&D games for a bit. And I was wondering: would ZC like to play some D&D?

    Here's what you would need:

    -A working microphone.
    -A google+ account. You'll need to install the hangouts plugin.
    -The ability to set aside 2-4 hours of time that overlap with the availability of the others.

    Here are some things to know about me as a referee, so you know what to expect:

    -I like to take care of the complicated stuff myself. You don't need to learn any rules in order to start playing. Once we get started, you'll pick up on what you need to know.

    -I don't do a heavy narrative focus. I'm not telling a story, I'm providing challenges. When the players overcome the challenges, a story is created by the group, rather than simply being fed to the group from the referee.

    -At my table, characters die. I do my best to create an environment where your death is never cheap, but death is still frequent. Fortunately, I also play a very rules-light game, so creating a fresh character only takes a couple minutes.

    If you're interested, post in this thread and let me know which type of game world you'd like to play in:

    1. Traditional fantasy world. The kind that shows up in every video game ever.
    2. An earth history based world, were monsters and magic lurk just outside the sight of everyday folk.
    3. A science fantasy world, where wizards and mad scientists are pretty much the same thing.
    4. Some kind of exceptionally fucked up fantasy world. Like living in a Dali painting.


  • I guess I'll give this a go. I'd prefer if we did this on Labor Day weekend, but I dunno if the aussies have such thing. I've never played D&D before, so I have no idea how this is going to turn out. I don't really mind which kind of game world we play in, but I'd prefer the first one, due to my familiarity with video games. I'm looking forward to this!

  • If there are ~3 people with interest we can move forward. Otherwise we can put this on hold and wait until we have some more members.

    I only suggest it now because I'm actually 100% D&D free at the moment, which is a bummer. All of my games are on hiatus for one reason or another.

  • This one for sure, but I've never played D&D do I need to read the rules and get that all set in my brain? I played Warhammer and Magic the Gathering a few times when I was 7-10yo that's it though

    A bunch of guys crowdsourced a book called Narcosa all about drugs which should come in handy if we end up pursuing that path.

    You don't need to learn any rules. None at all.

    IF YOU WANT TO: pretty much every game I run is based on Lamentations of the Flame Princess, which is a revised version of the late '70s D&D B/X ruleset. A no-art version of the LotFP rulebook is available for free here:


    Although I should also note that one of the many reasons I use LotFP is because it's modular. I run several things differently than Rule As Written LotFP.

    HOWEVER: Reading this is completely optional right now. Another reason I use LotFP is because it's simple. I know the rules, all you have to do is show up and tell me what your character does.

  • I've played a good bit of DnD (4e and 5e), and I would be up for this completely. It's been a LONG time since I haven't been a GM, so this would be incredibly refreshing (to finally be just be another player... and to also not have to worry about a gajillion rules that just screw up RP would be nice too).

    Count me in if this ever gets to be a thing. :3