Should we have a Mature discussion area?

  • What should we add? 12

    1. A debate / Serious Discussions area is more than enough. (7) 58%
    2. Mature Area: Some threads are just no OK to be in the open. (0) 0%
    3. I think we could implement both at the same time without problem. (4) 33%
    4. All ideas are stupid, we don't need these section. (1) 8%

    Considering that many of us are 18+ and that probably discussing prostitutes and porn in the open when we have potential minors and parents browsing around I think that perhaps a thread prefix might not be enough.

    Just to make clear the area wouldn't be to do away with our rules, but to discuss more freely those topics that are more mature. I know other forums allow disrespect and SPAM but while it'd be an adult company. i don't want it to become disrespectful.

    Also, Should this area be password protected or should we leave it open so anyone can check that there?
    Closed might seem more suspicious but it'd mean potentially leaving outside people mature enough for the discussion.

    What requirements should a member fulfill to be able to access the zone?

    Anyway, since we're a small community. I think it is alright to talk it in the open and get your opinions.
    So, what do you think about this?



    I wouldn't mind a "Serious Discussion" forum. Somewhere to talk about politics or philosophy or ethics.

    Some people get bummed out by those topics, so keeping them separate from the general forum will allow those people to easily avoid topics that will be stressful for them. Plus, a separate forum allows the threads to have a certain gravitas, which helps prevent them from getting derailed.

  • ^ Your avatar is sexy. Also yes to mature. I do think perhaps password protecting, or doing as Izagar suggests is for the best. It's hard to really gauge somebody's true age, and minors might sneak on no matter how you try to prevent it. :/

    I put a warning up about the boards and told them I can't be held liable for minors changing their birthdays and accessing a mature board. So basically that makes me sue proof.

  • I value the opinion of young people, I don't think we should exclude them based on age. If we must be exclusionary, then I'd prefer to base it on behavior than age.

    I think they just want to keep the forum blocked from younger eyes so we can talk adult stuff... Like on my forums we can talk about sex and stuff in the adult boards. I know minors have sex, but it still should be kept away from younger eyes.

  • Mature Discussions.

    It would work for the topics in the way that Serious Discussions tag does but with the understanding the topics are not intended or recommended for kids.

    If you guys think if instead instead we had an open debate area which allowed NRC discussion, let me know.

    I will make a disclaimer either way like @Izagar suggested.

    Added: I just checked your post LS and I agree with that. I dont want to give the "we adults you kiddos" brushed aside feel with the area nor make them even more tempted by putting it so out of their reach. Also some adults just don't like ghat kind if topics either.

    Added 2: However my concern is that for alliances and maybe even legal formalities adult discussions we could be in troubke for leaving in the open said topucs with kids around. At least the section would have the warning and would make it so kids (and sny member) had to check the board manually for the topics (It would not appear in recent posys ).

    It works better than "well the prefix said +15" when the topic had already the 'bad' word.

  • I mean, how young are we talking? Like, me young? Or Queen Legend young?

    Something in between. At least in the United States they state people under 13 years old of age in their children protection Laws. Hopefully as Izagar says a disclaimer warning in time should suffice.

  • I value the opinion of young people, I don't think we should exclude them based on age. If we must be exclusionary, then I'd prefer to base it on behavior than age.

    I can't believe I actually completely agree with you for once. ^ This is my opinion too. My vote would be against excluding young people from discussions based on age.

  • Okay. So the way I see it we're leaning towards two ways:

    OPTION 1: Mature Board - It would have a disclaimer and most likely requires people PMing to request access to it. Being away from children and visitors would give us a chance to really open with things that might not be correct we talk here. Unfortunately it might cause some VIP impression.

    OPTION 2: Serious Discussion Board - Unlike the mature one, this one would be open. It still would have a disclaimer but we won't implement any mechanism to stop minors from checking it. Leaving up to them to monitor themselves. It is inclusive but it might not solve the inappropiatness of some topics fr a community taht tries to be open to fans of whatever age of the franchise. Since the area is on the open, new posts won't include activity inside.

    Have think. Let's go for one of those and tweak it to our liking.
    I'll add a poll to make things easier.

  • Site's current management of sections is fine in my opinion. This is a videogame, zelda forum, we should stick to being as family friendly as possible there's mario and nintendo what would they think of us.
    I don't really see the need for a mature discussion section. The porn discussion earlier this week was pretty freaking stupid it still cheers me up, you guys really want more of that?
    Add a 18+ prefix maybe if you really think it's needed, but come on.

    Serious discussions are monotone and boring. Is abortion right? woa man the baby is alive. Hey what's your religion? your wrong thats not the right religion lol. Is donald trump an idiot? no dude screw obama. Oh man there's this personal issue I have that is completely irrelevant but I have to share it because no one cares about it.
    If you guys really want to discuss this add the prefix and work in on the general talk. People can avoid them by not clicking on them wow big surprise.

    but man I'd love to talk about hentai and porn with you guys.

    Where's the all ideas are stupid choice on the poll?

  • Might be able to rig up a usergroup that adds people to it when they are a certain age, and with that group it allows access to an adult forum. There we can post all the porn we desire MUAHUAHUA